Japan’s premier gourmet rapper would like to drop a little science on you about a whole new way to wash dishes.

DJ Misoshiru (miso soup) & MC Gohan (rice) has come a long way since she started out making creative little partially animated videos on YouTube in which she raps the recipes to a range of meals from scrambled eggs to roast chicken.

▼ Scrambled Eggs

And since popping up around 2011, DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan has gotten a recording deal with Sony, and made several appearances at major music festivals in Japan such as Fuji Rocks and Summer Sonic. Her music videos have become much more polished such as this one which teaches us how to make Cucumber Butter.

She is also the star of her own weekly short program on NHK television called Gochisongu DJ. I would show you a clip from that but it’s on NHK, and even mentioning that broadcaster’s name puts me in danger of owing them money.

Before you go writing angry comments about my use of singular pronouns and verb conjugations, DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan is actually one woman, a 26-year-old nutrition major from Shizuoka, who is surprisingly good at concealing her real name. However, she does have the more convenient nickname of Omisohan which allows me to give my Shift key a rest from here on out.

While Omisohan’s mild-mannered style and somewhat meek delivery might not put her up with the rapping elite, the fact that she almost exclusively raps recipes and nutritional information makes her a highly underrated wordsmith and musician.

I say “almost” because just this week Omisohan has branched out in promotional song for Kao’s new spray on dish soap Cucute Bubble Spray. As Kao currently has a lock-down on the housewife market, they are trying to reach out to the modern woman with this new campaign and product.

And you don’t get much more modern than the host of a rapping food show.

And so, as DJ Miso Shiru & MC Gohan’s star continues to rise, we’ll be keeping watch…especially if she keeps using those creepy cat-headed dancers.

DJ Miso Shiru & MC Gohan
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Source: Kao Cucute, Narinari.com (Japanese)
Videos: YouTube/omk1025, YouTube/Sony Music Japan, YouTube/KaoJapan