wittle bunbuns

As much as I hate being cold, I love the wintertime. There’s nothing better than coming home after being out on a blustery day to sit down under the kotatsu (those wonderful creations – low, Japanese tables fitted with a blanket and a heater underneath) and curl up with mounds of blankets and a hot cup of tea.

While rabbits can’t really curl up under a kotatsu with a cup of tea (though I’m sure they would if they were offered!), they certainly have their own way of weathering the winter chill, and these particular bunnies at a park in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture are warming the hearts of park-goers in the process.

Come to the Hikichidai Park in Yamato City between November and March, when the temperature can drop to freezing, and you’re bound to see some of the parks 30 rabbits balled up and stacked on top each other in these adorable little bunny-piles.

Typically after grazing on some food, or to stick out the particularly nippy nights, groups of five or six bunnies will gather, one after the other, and one on top of another. While easily frightened and broken up by noise, if you wait just a bit you’ll see one rabbit hop back, followed by another, until you’ve got a big, squishy, snuggly pile again.

A member of park management remarked that the rabbits on the bottom don’t seem to mind having other rabbits on their backs. I’m pretty sure the ones at the bottom are the ones who are better off!

Aww, who need blankets when you have bunnies!

Now tell us, dear readers – how do you weather out the cold wintery months?

Source: kanaloco
Featured image from YouTube