By keeping these adorable pouches full, you’ll never feel lonely again!

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it many times over, Japan is a land of cuteness that always seems to find new ways to create more adorable things. With an entire market producing cute items, you’re going to need somewhere to put all those things that you carry around every day. So why not get a cute bag to carry all your cute things?

Felissimo and YOU+MORE are back with another incredibly cuddly looking bunny bag but this one surely takes the cake for how easy it is to use and carry around. While SoraNews24 featured a similar product before that was modeled after the traditional furoshiki, a wrapping cloth used to store and transport gifts and small items, these bags have a drawstring that quickly seals the pouch and creates some lovely rabbit ears.

The rabbit motif can be seen on all sides of the precious bag which measures 14 centimeters (5.5 inches) by nine centimeters by 10 centimeters. These dimensions give you plenty of space to hold all your knickknacks and daily necessities while still fitting comfortably in a medium to large purse or bag.

Like the previous line, the bags are available in four rabbit varieties: Netherland dwarfs (Dutch mark and fawn), lop-eared sable point, and dwarf hotot. The adorable prints, perky ears and perfect rabbit shapes will make you the envy of all your animal-loving friends.

You can pick one of these bags up at Felissimo’s website for only 2,180 yen (US$20) each, or pick up the whole set of four so you can match your bunny buddy to your daily mood. After all, but you can never get enough cute things in your life to help you through the day!

Source, images: Felissimo