Not only do they look cute, they also feature a clever tie design that’s been used in traditional Japanese furoshiki textile art for centuries.

Japan’s YOU+MORE! brand from Felissimo prides itself on living up to its name, which sounds a lot like the word “humour”, with a range of laughter-inducing goods designed to make customers smile. They’ve given us a hilarious collection of mop dogs and a snuggly body cushion in the shape of a friendly giant seal, and now they’re back with rabbits, designed to brighten up shelves and tabletops in any household.


Like many of the clever products from YOU+MORE!, these little bunnies aren’t just cute, they’re functional too. They’ve been designed to cover up everyday items around the house, like personal products and half-eaten packets of crisps and biscuits, instantly clearing up clutter from tabletops and replacing it with a dash of cuteness.


The pouches take their design from the traditional furoshiki, a Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used to transport goods like gifts and clothes. Here, the two pointed shapes in the fabric join together to form an elegant tie, which creates an adorable pair of droopy bunny ears.


▼ And on the back of each bunny is an adorable image of a fluffy tail!


▼ There are four rabbits to collect, including Netherland Dwarf and Chinchilla varieties.


▼ And a Miniature rabbit and Holland Lop Ear.


Despite their breed, there’s nothing miniature about their size, with each bunny measuring 57 centimetres in length and 44 centimetres in width.


With one new bunny available each month for four months, the adorable pouches can be purchased online for 2,678 yen (US$26) each. Not a bad investment for a charming and functional pet that stays clean and does the tidying up for you!


Images: Felissimo
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