Sushi Girl 5

If you’ve been captivated by a bizarre breed of sushi cats or fallen in love with a cup-clinging girl called Fuchiko, chances are you’ll soon be swooning over a young lady who likes to hang out inside pieces of sushi.

Called Mōsō Onēsan no Sushiya-san, or The Daydreaming Girl’s Sushi Restaurant, this is a unique range of gacha capsule toys set to hit the market from 26 January. While the concept may seem a little mind-boggling, the series was actually designed by a well-known manga artist called Toshinao Aoki, whose illustrations have finally come to life in 3-D form.

▼ Welcome to the daydream of a girl who daydreams of daydreaming in sushi

Sushi Girl 1

▼ First up in the series we have two gunkan battleship-shaped sushi designs, re-imagined as unusual bathtubs. How it would feel to slip into the heavenly creaminess of an uni sea urchin!

Sushi Girl 2

▼ And because who hasn’t wanted to bathe in bubbles of shiny red caviar?

Sushi Girl 1

▼ Nigiri-style sushi usually features a bed of rice. This one features a surprise for anyone with a hankering for prawn sushi.

Sushi Girl 4

▼ What dreams will come under a blanket of expertly-sliced raw tuna?

Sushi Girl 3

▼ Swimming in a sushi roll? Or pirouetting in a sushi tutu? Either way, the red briefs are for maguro tuna roll lovers while the green briefs represent the cucumber roll.

Sushi Girl 21

At 200 yen (US$1.69) a pop, these make great souvenirs to shock or delight friends and family back home. It’s time to start stockpiling those hundred yen coins for a trip out to the capsule machine!

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