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Disney enjoys broad popularity with Japanese children, with tykes across the nation regularly getting excited for the studio’s animated films and begging their parents to take them to Tokyo Disneyland. This isn’t a recent development, though. Disney’s been a hit with kids for decades now, and while the age of many fans who grew up watching Mickey, Minnie, and their pals has changed, that doesn’t mean their love for the cartoon characters has.

That’s why this spring a new branch of the Disney Store is opening up in Tokyo, and while the staff won’t be turning away little girls at the door, it’s really being designed for adult women.

There’s no arguing that Disney’s characters are cute, so what better place for the new shop than in Harajuku, the Tokyo neighborhood that’s the capital of kawaii culture. This spring, Harajuku is getting a new retail and entertainment center in the form of the Harajuku Alta complex, which is now under construction on the district’s famed Takeshita shopping street.

What sets this branch apart, though, is its focus on providing an enjoyable experience for adult women. In contrast to the vibrant colors of most Disney Store locations, Harajuku Alta’s makes use of sophisticated, subdued tones. The shelves will be stocked with jewelry, bags, and smartphone accessories, instead of the plastic toys of all-ages Disney Stores. Judging from the promotional stills, it also looks like everything will be arranged in a spacious layout that allows mature customers to comfortably navigate the shopping space and easily peruse all of its wares.

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In exchange for having you bypass closer Disney Stores and come all the way into Harajuku, the new branch will be selling a selection of items you can’t find anywhere else, such as this special 2,500-yen (US$21) set of Tsum Tsum stackable plus interior accents.

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Similar to what the Ikebukuro Pokémon Center did for its grand opening, the Harajuku Alta Disney Store will also be selling a number of commemorative items when it opens its doors for the first time. Quantities are limited though, so get there early unless you want to pay the markups on the inevitable Internet auctions to come.

▼ Harajuku Alta exclusive frilled T-shirt (3,900 yen, limited to 700 units)

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▼ Harajuku Alta exclusive backpack (4,900 yen, limited to 400 units)

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Disney has also released a photo of the Harajuku Alta branch opening commemorative pin. The company has said it isn’t for sale, and since we doubt they’d show off an employee-only item, we’re guessing they’ll either be giving them away on opening day or including them as a gift for paying customers while supplies last.

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The Harajuku Alta Disney Store is set to open on March 7. It’s sure to make Disney-loving ladies across Japan jealous of Tokyo, at least until the second Disney Store for adult women opens in Osaka’s Lucua 1100 building on April 2.

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Source, images: PR Times
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