Mirror Tokyo 5

Art can appear in the strangest of places and what qualifies as art is as wide and as varied as the works themselves. So, what about a city? Can a city be art? You might not think so, but artist darwinfish105 is about to prove you wrong with his breathtaking shots of Tokyo.

You are about to see the largest city in the world change into a futuristic technological metropolis. In addition, all of this is accomplished with just a camera and some mirrors.

The city of Tokyo is already pretty impressive to look at. With huge skyscrapers, unusual architecture and city planning, some people call it “the concrete jungle“. All of those buildings really helped darwinfish105 create some truly unique images.

On his blog HIGH-DEF, the artist shared his mesmerizing three-minute video, “Mirrored TOKYO”, that utilized time-lapsed images and some simple editing. Check it out:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/99840211 w=650&h=365]

What you are looking at here is a video which has been mirrored both top and bottom, left and right.

Mirror Tokyo 2

Mirror Tokyo 3

Mirror Tokyo 4

Mirror Tokyo 1

Some of the images evoke the “hollow earth” theory, where humans are living on the inside of a sphere and the sky is in the center of the planet.

Mirror Tokyo 9

Other images blast you into the future and makes it seem like you are far above a massive city staring down, threatening to be swallowed by the abyss that is the city itself.

Mirror Tokyo 11

For anyone who loves wandering around Tokyo or losing themselves in the urban skyline, this video certainly takes you there and further. It’s really hard to see past the hundreds of buildings and flashing signs when you are on the streets of Tokyo itself. Being able to step back and see such a wide view really makes you appreciate the beauty of the city more.

Be sure to check out darwinfish105’s other time-lapse videos of Tokyo on his blog.

Source: HIGH-DEF via Japaaan Magazine
Images: HIGH-DEF