Denim Pikachu, we choose you!

Over the years, Pokémon has teamed up with a number of fashion brands for limited-edition collections, but none has been as hotly anticipated as the upcoming ’90s-inspired collaboration with American brand Levi’s.

This new range celebrates Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, and tips its hat to the first season of the series with Kanto region Pokémon and even the cap worn by Ash in the original series. After several sneak-peek teasers at what the new range might look like, today images for the whole lineup was released, so let’s get straight to it and take a look at the collection below!

Vintage Fit Trucker Pokémon Stone (16,000 yen [US$152.45])

551Z™ Authentic Straight Pokémon Stone (14,000 yen)

These two items let you proudly display your love for series star Pikachu, with lightning bolts on the sleeves, a Poké Ball on the shoulder, and the electric Pokémon’s cute butt making an appearance as well.

Vintage Fit Trucker Pokémon Garden (16,000 yen)

▼ 551Z™ Authentic Straight Pokémon Garden (14,000 yen)

This outfit features a denim ensemble unlike any we’ve ever seen before, capturing the “world of colourful Pokémon” with a graphic print of the forest from the Kanto region, and dotted with Pokémon throughout.

The new collection isn’t just a celebration of Pokémon, though, as there’s also an ensemble dedicated to Kasumi, or Misty, as she’s known overseas.

Kasumi’s Denim Short Pokémon Cerulean Blue (12,000 yen) and Kasumi’s Tank Togepi Pastel Yellow Embroidery  (3,000 yen)

Pikachu fans will love the Pokémon Beanie Pikachu (3,000 yen) and Pokémon Unisex Tee Sleeping Pikachu White (4,000 yen)…

…and the Pokémon Unisex Crew Happy Pikachu Caviar (8,000 yen) and Pokémon Poké Ball X-Body (3,000 yen)

▼ Ash fans will want to get their hands on the Pokémon Trucker Hat (3,500 yen)

▼ And when you’re going to a gym to workout rather than battle, this Pokémon Gym Bag (3,000 yen) will come in handy.

Rounding off the collection are two adorable clip pouches: Pokémon Clip-on Pouch Psyduck (2,000 yen)

▼ And Pokémon Clip-on Pouch Jigglypuff (2,000 yen

The Levi’s® x Pokémon collection will be available from 15 February at Levi’s stores and official Levi’s sites nationwide. The range will also be appearing at Pokémon Centre Mega Tokyo (although this location is closed on the 15 February release day), Pokémon Centre Shibuya and the Pokémon Centre site.

With so many adorable items in the range, we can’t wait to catch ’em all!

Source, images: PR Times
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