Prepare yourself for the terror of kawaii chibi Chucky.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole 35 years since a murderous felon was nearly killed while being pursued by police, only to be transmogrified at the last minute into a Good Guy doll. Since then it’s been a blood-soaked three and a half decades as Chucky and all the friends he met along the way raised all kinds of hell.

“He’s something, isn’t he?”

The Child’s Play movies have always been special to me, partly because unlike other horror movie villains, Chucky’s diminutive size levels the playing field somewhat. For example, anytime you see someone try to punch Jason, you just know that fool is seconds from death, but punch Chucky and it’s really still anyone’s game. It’s a nice little bit of added suspense.

Chucky also very firmly tapped into the inherent creepiness of dolls, especially old and worn out ones. And it appears to be that same creepiness that endeared him to much of the Japanese population, perhaps as a part of the kimo-kawaii movement which embraces grotesque and deformed things that still have fundamentally cute aspects.

Now, Universal Studios Japan has come out with a full-kawaii line of Chucky merch in which the homicidal doll now looks like a proper little gentleman. He’s also joined by cutified versions of Tiffany and Glen too.

Carry around all your implements of destruction easily with a Chucky 35 tote bag.

And there’s nothing better than enjoying a piping hot cup of cocoa from a Good Guys mug while plotting your murderous schemes.

And be extra sneaky with these clear plastic mini cases that can clip onto your belt or other straps.

There’s a whole range of psychopathic lifestyle goods to choose from.

These items are a part of the Pokeuni (short for “Pocket Universal”) line of goods centered on adorable versions of Universal characters, from Boss Baby to Marty McFly and even Jaws. Each one has their own plush toy in various sizes as well as a variety of items with their likenesses.

But in honor of Chucky’s 35th anniversary, a special lineup is planned to coincide with Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights event for additional limited edition goods. Also, those who buy a Chucky item from the Pokeuni stores in Harajuku (Tokyo) or Abeno (Osaka) and post it on social media can receive some free Chucky cards while supplies last. The Chucky anniversary offers will begin at the end of September, so keep an eye on the Pokeuni X (Twitter) account for more details.

Be sure to celebrate everyone’s favorite killer by picking up some pretty unique Chucky items. And if you need another excuse, supporting the Pokeuni line of items increases the chances of them making an anime where Chucky, Curious George, Casper, and E.T. go on adventures and solve mysteries together.

Source, images: PR Times
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