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Aside from the costumed characters and colorful parades, one of the things that makes Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea so popular is the stellar customer service they offer. Even in a country where service is almost universally prompt and polite, the Tokyo Disney Resort goes above and beyond the norm in providing an unrivaled level of hospitality to guests.

As a matter of fact, Tokyo Disney Resort employees are so dedicated that not only will they make sure you enjoy yourself during your stay, they’ll even help ensure you have a safe trip home, as one park attendee recently found out when the parking lot staff performed a spot check of her car and alerted her to a potential safety hazard.

The Tokyo Disney Resort has a huge parking lot, what with it being the most popular theme park in a country that loves to travel and surround itself with cuteness. Since most people who go to the parks tend to spend a full day there, Disney obviously has a team of employees that patrols the lot, allowing guests to feel secure in the knowledge that no matter how many hours they’re spending waiting in line for Space Mountain, someone is keeping their car safe from vandals and thieves.

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That’s not the only service the parking lot staff performs, though. Twitter user and Disney fan Ikanomimikaki found this out recently when she left the park and headed back to her car, where she discovered this paper stuck under the windshield wiper.

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It seems that the Disney employees’ responsibilities include checking the condition of cars parked in the lot, looking specifically for improperly inflated tires and fluid leaks. After reading the note, Ikanomimikaki headed straight to a nearby gas station, where she confirmed that, yes indeed, her front left tire was low on air. Thankfully, there was no leak to be found, so after using the station’s air hose to pump the tire back up to its proper specs, she was on her way, later arriving home safe and sound.

This extra bit of customer care is especially helpful when you stop to remember that, despite its name, the Tokyo Disney Resort is actually in Chiba Prefecture, in a district that isn’t nearly as developed as Japan’s capital. Tired out from a full day of fun at the park, the last thing a family, couple, or group of friends wants to deal with is a breakdown or accident on the road home. Even in the best case scenario of everyone being fortunate enough to escape unharmed, you’re still looking at a long and unpleasant wait for a tow truck in the middle of the night. With the Tokyo Disney Resort drawing visitors from all over Japan, that sort of delay could mean having to find a hotel for the night, if repairs can’t be made right away and you’re too far from home to hop a cab.

In other words, it’s nice to know that while you’re checking out the attractions, Disney is checking out your car.

Source: Jin
Top image: Tokyo Disney Resort
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