A month-long shortage of goods had many park visitors leaving empty-handed with no yummy souvenirs for their memories.

Tokyo Disney Resort has experienced a number of challenges over the past two years, from crowd-favorite parades being canceled to strict preventive measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. However, one of the most shocking setbacks in recent memory was the announcement last month that Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea on-site retail locations would cease sales of any food-based souvenirs due to an unexpectedly massive supply shortage–with no end in sight. 

▼ “The most magical place on Earth…sans your favorite sweets.”

Thankfully, the confectionery crisis is finally about to end when the parks resume selling all manner of snacks, sweets, and other food items in limited locations beginning on January 17. Staff have confirmed that there should be enough items in stock to avoid another deficit.

The specific shopfronts that will resume selling munchable souvenirs are the following:

  • Tokyo Disneyland: World Bazaar Confectionery, Pastry Palace
  • Tokyo DisneySea: Valentina’s Sweets, Merchant of Venice Confections

▼ World Bazaar Confectionery, the largest candy store in Tokyo Disneyland

In addition, park visitors can continue to place purchases for edible souvenirs via the Tokyo Disney Resort app while on park premises. Beginning on 17 January, the previous restriction limiting one customer to one of each item will also be lifted.

If you’ll be visiting Tokyo Disney Resort in the near future, keep your eyes peeled for the 2022 Disney New Year goods, themed around the Year of Tiger, for more extra special souvenirs to take home.

Source: Tokyo Disney Resort via ITmedia
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