The iconic Starbucks mermaid is an instantly recognisable commercial symbol, up there with McDonald’s golden arches or Nike’s tick. But don’t you get a little bored sometimes with the same old face peering back at your from the cardboard sleeve lovingly hugging your steamy cup of joe? One artist decided to jazz up the old mermaid design using black pen, featuring everyone from Dragon Ball‘s Goku to The Legend of Zelda‘s Link, and the results are kind of awesome!

The unnamed artist regularly posts pictures of their cardboard creations on their dedicated Instagram and Tumblr accounts under the username Sleevebucks, and there seems to be no end to the amount of possibilities they can conjure up using just a black pen and occasionally some correction fluid. Check out this gallery of familiar faces, and if you like their work, be sure to follow ’em online too!

We think Starbucks should commission the artist to have some of these designs printed up for use in stores! It would give us something interesting to Instagram for once, because posting snaps of our peculiarly misspelled names is getting kind of tired. In fact, the whole practice of having to give your name just to gain access to sweet, sweet caffeine can be pretty aggravating if you’re someone with an unusual name to begin with. Let’s ditch the names and embrace art!

Source: AOL Japan
Featured Image: Sleevebucks Tumblr
Inset Image: © Evie Lund/RocketNews24