Japanese artist creates eerie 3-D magnet head of Yukichi Fukuzawa, the man on the 10,000 yen bill

It’s hard to touch money when the person on the note is popping its head out, glaring at you from the bill.

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Hello Kitty keeping as busy as ever — this time she collaborates with…money itself!

We all know that Hello Kitty is one busy and extremely capable, well, business…cat, shall we say? And yes, we love her for it, too. So, what new adorable form has she taken this time?

Well, it seems she’s now gotten close and personal with money — Japanese coins, to be exact. But not to worry, she hasn’t gotten involved in the counterfeiting business. She’s come up with magnets on which she appears attached to different Japanese coins, and as always, she manages to look cool and cute in the process!

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Eraser-Sized Retro Camera Perfect for the Discreet Photographer or Hipster Smurf

Japanese retailer JTT seems to be trying to cover all the bases with its CHOBi CAM series of fully-functional, itty bitty cameras. In addition to their standard model, they’ve put out a tiny water-proof camera, a tiny video recorder and even a tiny DSLR (well, in appearance only).

On March 16, the company announced their next camera, the “CHOBi CAM retro with magnet,” which went on sale the same for 3980 yen (US $47.50).

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