PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) is something many women and men are familiar with. Women bear the brunt of it on a monthly basis, while some men are indirect victims due to the mood swings of the “PMS-ing” females around them.

I doubt anyone would disagree that PMS is in no way enjoyable, but for once, the monstrosity that messes up our lives on a regular basis is starting to look interesting as Korean pop idol Lizzy teams up with comedian Park Myeong-Su to sing about it. Check out the music video after the break!

Thanks to the various symptoms a woman experiences due to the hormonal changes prior to “that time of the month”, the term “PMS” casually pops up in daily conversation as an excuse for cranky behaviors regardless of whether the subject is genuinely suffering the monthly trials of PMS or not.

South Korean singer Lizzy, who is also a member of the girl group After School, sheds new light upon the syndrome that turns a woman into an unpredictable, irrational mess, by singing and dancing to a catchy tune which speaks of the troubles a girl goes through during her face-off with the monster known as PMS, who is played by Korean comedian, singer and songwriter, Park Myeong-Su (whose initials are PMS, very punny).

For the benefit of those lucky guys who have yet to experience the destructive effects of PMS, this is why everyone dreads it:

▼ It causes breakouts…


▼ Migraines…


▼ Insatiable hunger pangs…


▼ And unpredictable mood swings… among other things.


Throw in some sci-fi elements and boom! Here’s the wacky music video for the song titled (Good Bye) PMS. It starts off looking reminiscent of some Ultraman movie, but soon breaks into a lively pop melody.

▼ Enjoy!
(Fan-translation of lyrics here)

A song about PMS does initially seem odd, but after watching the music video, the song is pretty cute and the video is far from weird if you remember the Chick Chick song. If only fighting PMS was really that cool and entertaining!

Source/Images: YouTube