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If the Internet isn’t about showing off your own original skills and talent, then it’s for parodying what’s already well-known and liked. The constant stream of anime and games from Japan is a gold mine of parodies just waiting to be made.

The Kusarine Project has had an active YouTube channel since 2009 where they’ve taken some of the world’s favorite anime and video game openings and turned them into live-action works of “art”. Their 17th and newest cover tackles the KanColle opening, with their signature masked men taking on the role of the anthropomorphized battleships turned school girls. Were you expecting anything else?

The Kusarine Project’s goal is to embody the world’s 2-D characters. And they mean “embody” literally as they insert themselves into roles normally played by drawn characters. The project is headed by Love Matsu but the members hide their faces behind masks as they actively display their technical and creative abilities. Could they be trying to build a professional profile without embarrassing themselves?

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Their newest parody takes on the hit KanColle and reproduces the opening theme song almost frame for frame. But perhaps the most transformative part of this parody is the fact that the members re-record the song with their own voices. It’s a toss-up whether or not it’s an improvement, so we will let you be the judge.

You can tell the group took great care to match the details as closely as possible, though there are some obvious changes like replacing airplanes with naked men. Oh, didn’t we mention there are naked men?

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kancolle 3-2

▼ White costumes are just an excuse for some exposed male chest

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▼ Terrifying in both versions

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As this is their 17th video, there are plenty of other anime openings that have been given the exact same treatment. They’ve done versions of K-ON, The Idol M@ster and Attack on Titan.

What do you think of these versions? What would you like to see them do next for the 18th installment of their Label Series? Let us know in the comments!

Source: YouTube (Kusarine Project) via Game Over
Top Image: YouTube (Nep Kiriyo, Kusarine Project) (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert images: YouTube (Kusarine Project), (Nep Kiriyo)