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Throw on your favorite soundtrack and check out the amazing craftsmanship of Ely.

High-grade cosplay is not a quick and simple endeavor. To really transform yourself into a character, first you’ll have to gather visual references for the outfit and come up with workarounds for how to make the garments work in real, three-dimensional space. Next, you’ll have to procure the necessary materials, then either sit down at the sewing table or enlist someone to stitch everything together for you. Oh, and don’t forget about the wig, makeup, and colored contact lenses if you’re going for the full effect.

So we can’t help but think that maybe there are somehow more than 24 hours in Taiwanese cosplayer Ely’s day, since as soon as fans have picked their jaws up off the floor after seeing her amazing cosplay as one character, she’s got another photo shoot ready to share.

Not only is Ely talented, she’s thorough, too. For example, when it comes to Sword Art Online’s Sinon, not only does she model as the character’s in-story in-game aqua-tressed version above, but also as her more subdued-looking “real world” form.

Ely is also up to the challenge of the extensive wardrobe of Love Live! idol singer Nozomi Tojo.

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Actually, while there’s no indication that Ely herself sings or plays an instrument, she seems especially smitten with 2-D musicians, as her cosplay resume includes The Idolm@aster’s Rin Shibuya…

Haruhi Suzumiya’s Yuki Nagato…

Guilty Gear’s I-No

EC 5

…Hatsune Miku…

EC 6

…and Super Sonico.

EC 7

Of course, any well-rounded cosplayer has also dabbled in a little Evangelion and KanColle costuming.

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EC 9

Throw in a bit of Touhou Project cosplay…

…some ornate original creations…

…and some chic kimono shots…

…and it’s hard to imagine Ely being able to attract any more online attention, short of posting cat videos.

Wow, she’s thought of everything, hasn’t she?

If you’re interested in keeping up with Ely’s latest projects, you can check out her Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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