Leaked screenshots from the latest Godzilla movie? Nope, just a restaurant in Osaka!

Cats. Love them or hate them, there’s no denying they make the Internet a better place. And as any cat owner will tell you — they will pick the strangest spots to take a cat nap in, so that no matter what kind of fancy sleeping arrangements you get them, they’ll always prefer to sleep in the box it came in.

However, a group of cats in Osaka has now found possibly the strangest spot to take a nap — on a train track.

▼ Sarah the cat went viral when she took a snooze on this udon restaurant’s train diorama.

Tetsudokan is an udon restaurant where customers can enjoy a delicious meal surrounded by model train set dioramas.The dioramas display such impressive attention to detail that if you position your camera at the right angles, they could easily be mistaken for real-life train stations. And if udon and train sets aren’t enough to pique your interest, the dioramas have the added feature of being covered with kittens having a kip.

▼ You can sit right next to the diorama, giving you plenty of oppawtunities for some great pictures.

Obviously, cats being cats means they can’t see something moving without giving it a cheeky swipe first. Tetsudokan refers to the cats playing with the trains as ‘hugging’.

“Hugging her little friend.”

The Tetsudokan feline family consists of rescue cat Sarah and her kittens Leo, Leia, Nala and Simba. Tetsudokan’s Twitter posts often use the hashtag ‘cat first’, meaning if the cats want to have a snooze on the tracks, the trains will be ‘suspended’ and the sleeping cats will get priority. In a country where transport schedules are relentlessly strict, a number of netizens commented on the cuteness of the situation, saying: “It’s cute, so I’d allow a train suspension for this.”

“Sorry I’m late boss, there was a giant cat on the train tracks.”

“Train service suspended due to cat nap. Unclear when service will resume.”

Netizens were enamoured with the unique restaurant and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

“I wouldn’t have thought cats and dioramas went well together, but this looks amazing! I want to go so bad!”
“Now I know how mice feel.”
“This is the kind of film I want to see made. ‘Meow-zilla.'”

For those of you who are unable to make it to Tetsudokan in person, the restaurant regularly posts to their YouTube channel, where you can view videos and the occasional live stream, so you can get your giant cat fix from wherever you are!

Source: Twitter@Caferest_bar_fe via Net Lab
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