From afar, it seems like this building in Japan has given its lobby’s floor lights a fancy new makeover by adding cat statues to them. On closer inspection, however, we can see that these are actually real cats that have decided to position themselves right on top of the light sources and are being illuminated like heavenly beings.

One Japanese Twitter user snapped a picture of these cats warming up to lights in the cold weather. The tweet quickly went viral because, as we all know, the internet just can’t enough of cats being cute while doing nothing, right?

As we lucky humans bundle up in scarves and coats for the harsh winter, stray cats don’t have the same luxuries as we do. Thankfully, these two very smart felines found their beacons of light (literally) when they discovered that the warmth from the floor lights could keep them a little more comfortable. And there was one for each of them!

[tweet align=center]

Amused netizens commented:

“They look like cat gods…”

“We will protect this land for you…”

“Please come to my house!!!”

“These must be cat holograms”

If I weren’t allergic to fur, I’d have let these adorable cats take shelter in my humble abode for the cold weather. But it seems like they are smart enough to handle it just fine, doesn’t it?

Source: Twitter, h/t Hamusoku