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Japanese cats love nothing more in the world than watching farmer next door plant his rice【Video】

Just because cats don’t like to work doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy watching other people work.

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We visited Tokyo’s samurai-period style cat cafe, and here’s why you should too【Photos】

The Edo Neko Chaya has a beautiful interior, charming kitties, and a heartwarming mission.

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Edo Cat Cafe closure postponed as 50 rescue cats still need foster parents

After creating a stunning samurai-themed ukiyo-e world for their cats, this organisation is refusing to give up on them.

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A visit to a cat theater in Tokyo as cat cafe holds movie night【Photos】

The audience is asked to refrain from talking during the movie, but purring is totally OK.

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Tokyo cat cafe reopens weeks after virus outbreak kills over 25 percent of its feline population

Adopts new inoculation policy, offers to pay for medical expenses for customers’ own cats.

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What would a samurai-era cat cafe look like? Like the brand-new Edo Cat Cafe opening in Tokyo!

Take a trip back in time and into feline cuteness with this new cat cafe in one of Tokyo’s most history-rich neighborhoods.

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Cat cafe train in Japan makes its inaugural run with rescue cats on board【Photos】

Fans of trains and felines enjoyed a trip with rescue cats recently, all for a good cause.

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New Japanese cat cafe is so stylish it’d be worth a visit even if it was feline-free

Cat cafe chain Mocha brings ample ambiance to a new city with the opening of its newest location.

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Japan’s first cat cafe train announced, receives overwhelming response from feline and rail fans

Could this be the future of rail travel?

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Second super-chic cat cafe in Harajuku will make all your cafe dreams come true

Because nothing says “high-class” more than the company of cats.
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Japanese cat cafe delights people around the world with adorable kitty cosplay

Totoro and the Catbus are just two of the Ghibli anime characters that star in this cute cat cosplay collection.

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W.T.F. Japan: Top 5 offbeat Japanese animal cafes【Weird Top Five】

When you’re in the mood for something other than the usual cat cafe.

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Tokyo government orders cat cafe to shut down for violating animal welfare regulations

Forced temporary closure thought to be the first-ever in Japan.

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Ultra-fashionable cat cafe set to open this month in Tokyo’s ultra-trendy Harajuku neighborhood

Cute cats are ready to play with Toyko’s beautiful people.

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Japan’s cat cafes expected to get permanent permission to operate past 8 p.m.

Looks like after-dinner kitty coffee is here to stay.

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You should visit Osaka’s first rescue cat cafe so I don’t have to

I’m going to confess something that, this being the Internet, I’m almost certain is going to make me deeply unpopular and possibly get me fired from my writing job: I hate cats.

I hate ’em. I hate them so much that, apropos of nothing, the very idea of cats and how much I hate them pops into my mind a few times a day even when there are no cats around to spur my ire. I hate them when the three or four strays in my neighborhood wake me up in the middle of the night with their incessant mewling and fighting. I hate them when they get too close and trigger my allergies. I hate them in a box, I hate them with a fox, I hate them with a mouse, and I certainly hate them in my house.

That said, I think the new rescue cat cafe, SAVE CAT CAFE, which opened in Osaka on April 1, is just the cat’s meow.

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Calling all Cat Lovers: Did you know that Singapore has a ‘Cat Museum’?

Cat cafes are still all the rage, and there are even cat pubs for adults to enjoy some feline company. So when we heard that Singapore now has a ‘cat museum,’ we were definitely excited.

When I first heard the name, I envisioned an actual museum with exhibits on the history of the feline race, along with a gift shop filled with adorable cat-inspired merchandise. However, the Cat Museum in Singapore, it turns out, is supposedly a non-profit organization. According to their official website, it’s “a mission with the message that every home or small office deserves a cat… or two!” Yeah, sure, I’d love a cat or two in my office!

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Stylish new cat café in Asakusa would be nice even without the kitties, is awesome with them

Cat cafes have established a pretty solid foothold in the Japanese dining scene. That said, some of them deliver more on the “cat” than the “café” part, with pretty unimpressive interiors and menus.

That’s not a problem at Monta, though, a cat café which recently opened up in Tokyo’s Asakusa neighborhood. With stylish and colorful furnishings and delicious food, we’d be tempted to stop by even if it didn’t have a half-dozen cats running around inside.

Those cute kitties, though, sure helped seal the deal and get us through the door, though.

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