Nestlé Japan’s “edible birthstones” offer a new look and a new flavor each month.

We really can’t overstate how special Nestlé makes its Japan-exclusive Kit Kats feel. The use of local flavors and high-quality ingredients helps create an almost-emotional bond with the chocolate-covered wafers, making them all the more delicious when you bite into them.

But while hometown pride or fond memories of a travel destination can provide some sentimental seasoning, Nestlé is going one step further with its newest addition to the lineup: birthstone Kit Kats!

Offered through Kit Kat’s Japanese Chocolatory specialty stores (as well as online from Amazon and Rakuten), the Kit Kat Chocolatory Birthstone series will see a new release each month, starting from November 1, with each limited-time flavor corresponding to that month’s birthstone. So starting things off is the amber-colored Topaz Kit Kat.

While that may look like a gemstone at the tip of the Kit Kat, it’s actually a dragée, the tiny sugar confectionery that’s often used to decorate cakes and other desserts with tiny silver spheres. In addition to a special color, each birthstone Kit Kat (all priced at 1,485 yen [$US13.50] for a pack of three sticks) also has a unique, often seasonally appropriate, flavor, which in the case of November/Topaz is chestnut.

Though the remaining flavors won’t be released for some time, let’s take a look at what the next 12 months have in store for us.

▼ December: Tanzanite (beni imo/purple yam)

▼ January: Garnet (raspberry)

▼ February: Amethyst (Haskap berry)

▼ March: Aquamarine (grapefruit mint)

▼ April: Diamond (rum raison)

▼ May: Emerald (pistachio)

▼ June: Blue Moonstone (coconut)

▼ July: Ruby (tomato)

▼ August: Peridot (shikuwasa/Okinawan citrus fruit)

▼ September: Sapphire (blueberry)

▼ October: Tourmaline (peach)

And of course, just like there’s no rule that says people can only wear jewelry with their own birthstone, there’s nothing stopping you from eating each and every flavor as the months go by.

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Source: Nestlé (1, 2) via IT Media

Images: Flickr/Nestlé Japan