Fast food chain Lotteria’s Halloween promotion inlcudes a cheeseburger … with bright purple sauce

That’s right! This October, Lotteria is offering a whole range of Halloween-themed items, among them a cheeseburger containing a unique sauce in a spooky purple color.

The appearance of the “Purple Magic Bacon Double Excellent Cheesburger” may be somewhat evocative of another burger we’ve seen in Japan before, but it certainly looks fun enough to be a central item in the fast food chain’s range of seasonal menu created for the October 31 event that has rapidly become one of the most recognized Western occasions in Japan.


The burger, which will be sold from October 6 to October 31 as a combo set with fries for 800 yen (US$8), uses the cheese sauce from Lotteria’s popular “Rich Six Variety Excellent Cheeseburger”, to which they’ve added powdered Japan-grown purple potato to give it the striking color, along with a large piece of smoked bacon for a “monster-like” look. The burger and fries will come in a specially designed Halloween-themed box shaped like a coffin.

The fast food chain’s concept for this Trick-or-Treat season is for their stores to be a place where customers can enjoy the Halloween experience, instead of simply buying Halloween-themed foods.

And for exactly that purpose, they also have other Halloween items on their menu as shown below, all of which are currently available at Lotteria stores until October 31.

▼ Here’s the “Purple Magic Excellent Cheeseburger” (390 yen), which should be a nice choice if the double cheeseburger is a bit too heavy for you.


▼ The “Halloween Shrimp Burger” (390 yen) is made with diced Japanese ebisu pumpkin added to the sauce.


▼ They also have fries and chicken tenders (both 600 yen) in buckets decorated with cute Halloween designs.



▼ And the bags the spicy garlic-flavored fries (310 yen) come in have also gotten a Halloween makeover.


▼ The shakes (240 yen) also come with photo prop-like Halloween decorations.


▼ And if you’re looking for dessert, you can also get Italian gelato (350 yen) with a topping of your choice in a Halloween cup.


According to the press release, Lotteria will apparently be releasing another Halloween item (or items, we don’t know yet) before all the spooky fun is over, so we’ll be waiting to see what they have in store for us!

Source and images: Lotteria news release