Lotteria creates the most decadent meat-substitute meal yet.

Part of what makes plant-based burgers a hard sell for some people is that a vegetarian meal can seem so at odds with what they want in a burger. Burger cravings come from a desire for big, bold flavors and a full, satiated stomach, things which aren’t associated with something that could be considered a salad sandwich.

But Japanese hamburger chain Lotteria is looking to solve that dilemma with its newest creation, the Soy BBQ Cheeseburger.

Yes, this is a burger with a soy patty, though Lotteria confidently pledges that the texture is just like a slab of meat, and that the mix of vegetables and spices used replicates the flavor of a conventional patty too. But the heavy-hitting flavor work here comes from Lotteria’s special smoky hickory barbecue sauce, Argentinian honey and mustard sauce, and a slice of melty cheese. Finishing off the cast of strong taste bud sensations are sliced onions and pickles, making for something entirely different than the meek, bland experience soy burgers are sometimes assumed to be.

The 364-yen (US$3.50) Soy BBQ Cheeseburger goes on sale February 15, where it’ll take its place in the Lotteria menu beside the chain’s less gooey Soy Vegetable Cheeseburger

…and cheese-less Soy Vegetable Burger.

And if you’re totally committed to a carnivorous diet, never fear, because Lotteria still has a full lineup of beef hamburgers, and right now they’ll even be happy to cook you up a venison one.

Source: Lotteria via Entabe
Top image: Wikipedia/Taisyo
Insert images: Lotteria
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