Lotteria Japan has done it again. Just when we thought nothing could beat their ramen noodle burgers, they bring out these little beauties. No more dreaming of salty, crunchy potato chips smothered in sauce and stuffed inside your favourite burger because Lotteria has finally made our dreams a reality!

The new offerings, on sale from 24 July, are the result of a happy collaboration between Lotteria and Japanese potato chip-maker Calbee, who are also providing a special line up of french fries and seasonings to accompany your meal.

▼ The exclusive shaker packs are 300 yen each (US$2.42) and come in four different flavours: Consommé W Punch, Wasabi Beef,  Rich Salt, and Dark Nori Seaweed Salt.


The Zeppin (Exquisite) Cheese Potato Chip Burger retails for 420 yen (US$3.39) while the Salad Chicken Potato Chip Burger goes for 390 yen ($3.15). Both varieties can be purchased separately or as part of a meal set.



We paid the store a visit to meet the new burgers. Sure, they’re not as pretty in person, but they’re every bit as delicious as we imagined!

▼ The umami flavour cheeseburger sauce on the crunchy potato chips is delicious.


▼ The chicken burger was smothered in Consommé W Punch sauce, providing mouthfuls of flavour.


The special burgers and shaker fries will only be available for a limited time so make sure you get there as soon as you can to give them a try!


Source: ITmedia
Images: Calbee, Calbee Facebook, Lotteria, Lotteria Facebook, photos of actual food by RocketNews24