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If you’re feeling a little jaded on romance in these days of impersonal dating apps, casual hookups and seeing who can pretend to be the most indifferent, then pull up a chair and watch this heart-warming video! RocketNews24’s intrepid team of reporters hit the streets of Sugamo, Tokyo to interview some of the shopping district’s oldest and wisest residents on matters of the heart, touching on topics such as money vs looks, where to find hot guys in Tokyo, and why you’re never too old to fall in love.

Sugamo, sometimes called “the Harajuku of older people” is a relaxed shopping district neighbourhood in Tokyo’s Toshima Ward. Every day, scores of septuagenarians, octogenarians (and even some nonagenarians!)  can be seen strolling casually along its main street, window-shopping and generally enjoying themselves away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the big city.

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We headed to Sugamo to interview some of the people there about their love lives, in order to gain some wisdom on matters of romance from the people who’ve already seen it all. Some of the answers were eye-opening, and we also got some practical advice on what’s really important in a relationship (hint: it’s not all about looks!).

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While some of the people we approached for an interview were hesitant to discuss such personal matters, we were nonetheless really touched by how kind everyone in Sugamo seems to be. Even those people who declined to be interviewed did so with a smile and a giggle. And the people who did decide to spill the beans on their love lives did so with plenty of aplomb, as you can see in the video above!

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