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Were you one of the thousands of people who entered our epic KitKat giveaway? Find out if you’ve won here!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the time has finally come for us to announce the winners of our RocketNews24 x TokyoTreat KitKat Collection Box giveaway!

(Missed it? For shame! Here’s what you could have won:)

We knew you guys liked KitKats, but we had no idea just how badly you wanted to win this box of chocolatey goodies. We received literally thousands of entries from people all over the world, and it took us all weekend to narrow down our final choices.

So without further ado, here are our 20 winners, along with their creative, in some cases quite astounding, entries.

1. The “First!” Award

Nils Rittmeister

“I am going to Japan this year for the second time in my life, and this time I take our son with me. But while I have the feeling that he is not quite convinced about this trip, I need some valid evidence to show him that our time there will just be great. And since he loves choco nearly as much as I do, this would be a great way to light up his anticipation for this once in a lifetime trip, not to mention that I saved up money for two years to make this possible.”

2. The “Edgar Allan Poe Award”

Catherine Hutchison

“I awoke to a meow in the dead of the night, And cryptic shapes lurked where there was no light. When she leapt upon me, her fierce eyes glared And left my sanity frozen; impaired. Her fangs glistened in a devious grin, Like she somehow knew my every sin. Tail raised, she spoke in a furious hiss Of obscene threats and risks, if my quest went amiss. “The flavours,” she meowed. “Must be obtained No matter the cost, or in the grave you’ll be chained.” She licked her lips and I saw a devil in her eye. “Even then you’re of use if your flesh isn’t too dry.” “All ten, in Kit Kat form.” I echoed the demand. My voice wavered for fear of what she had planned. “Then off you go, be quick, make haste! We’re all eager to have a little taste.””

3. The “Flattery Will Get You Everywhere” Award

Desmond Eh Zhen Yang

“Not sure how many kit kats there are in the entire package but I was thinking maybe it could be fun playing Jenga using kit kat.. you know like trying to pick out the block that you wanna eat. If there are any botched flavours, all the better! That Jenga game in a group of course, unless I’m feeling really hungry and try a 100 kit kat burger ala Rocketnews style. I bet with my sweet tooth I can finish them. But really, can you guys even succeed in one of your burger challenges I wonder. Meh. Let’s get serious now. One of the main reasons I frequent rocketnews is whenever I’m out with friends and lacking an interesting topic, I would whip out my phone and search for some wacky article here. Great way to start the ball rolling. And what better way than to share with them some actual spoils from the site itself. Good exposure too. Thennn again.. I wouldn’t want them to frequent here often, or I wouldn’t be the intereating guy who’s hip with the odd news. I hope you guys enjoy reading my entry, and hoping even harder that I snag one of those 20 prizes! Cheers! Oh ya, remember the sweat salt article? Can you pass along a message to the Japanese team to consider cooking the rice in sweat as well? Lip smacking disgusting!”

4. The “Hansel & Gretel” Award
Robin Edstrom

“I am in the process of building a house purely out of KitKats, but were I live we only have milk chocolate and white chocolate, so my house is just white and brown, which looks so boring! I could really use this KitKat collection box so I can put some more colors in my house! I can use the strawberry and orange for my fireplace, the blueberry for windows, the green tea as plants…oh it would be so perfect!”

5. The “Optimist Prime” Award

Arlais Sol

“So much frustration
To get something I most
Likely will not win
But still I try
Because you never
Know, if you will.”

6. The “Punitzer” Prize

Tarley Catanese

“Are you kats kitten me? This kit is made for this kat. Why else would I be feline out the puns? This might seem like some hairballed scheme, but hear meow’t. Kitkats are for kats. Kats and cats. My last name is CAT-anese. This is feline like some fateful stuff. It’s a purrfect combination. The Kitkat gods themselves would be yowling with displeasure if you were to slink away from considering me – it’ll make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end! So don’t let the fur fly, accept the inevitable: If it fits, I sits (with Kitkats. That’s where you come in. Hint hint.).”

7. The “Because You Wrote a Friggin’ Song About KitKats” Award
Arno Sluismans

“We need it so badly, we wrote a song about it! Please listen to it here (lyrics below):”

“We’d like a culinary trip in a tasty kitkat ship. Take us all across the country we adore. Eating red potato on the Kumamoto Castle steps Feeding strawberries to the Okinawa ocean pets Having citrus in Shikoku won’t make me sour If I visit 88 temples by the hour Will Tokai beans make me rise to Daibutsu’s size? Mmmmmmmm! Spicing up the festival of watching cherry blossoms bloom With wasabi, burning my tongue! Climb atop Mt Fuji the next week. To have cheesecake and sake on the peak. We’ll go to a spring in Tohoku for a dip Enjoying a cold fruits juice sip And when we’re home with our Murakami tome A fruit & chili treat Is all we need Yeah!”

8. The “Drool Me a River” Award
Muhammed Yildirim

“Five days ago, I saw this amazing KitKat package on this page. I searched and read carefully all info for each kitkat and my mouth watering started. That night I didn’t care it and went to bed but when I got up my pillow is in water like It stayed in ocean whole night. We searched for solution but couldn’t find it. I tried lots of chocolates but we couldn’t find with that flavours so It didn’t stop. That night I had to sleep on balcony because of mouth water issue. After that our neighbours came and asked that If we forgot to turn off the tap. Of course we couldn’t tell them real story and apologized. After I returned my bed to now three days passed. Now, Our house is flooded and our furniture is ruined and we live in a fear of electricity leakage and my brothers sleep using a snorkel. Sorry for my English but as you see we are in a serious danger and I need that Kitkats for my family. Only you can help us. PS: If this continues our neighbourhood will end up like Atlantis. Send help immediately. S.O.S.”

9. The “Now You Have to Name Your Baby ‘Rocket’” Award
Crystina Simpkins

“Because I am getting very pregnant lol. Both me and the baby want to get our hands on these :3”

10. The “Love Is…” Award
Louise Martin

“As much as i want to eat them, i would feed them to my husband. He is diabetic and once he passes out, i can have a day of peace.”

11. The “Scrumptious Story” Award  
Taous Medjkane

“Once upon a time, there was a prince. That was in the Scrumptious kingdom, where the Kat family had been reigning for a long long time. His name was Kit. (

He spend his days looking really good enough to eat, taking care of his fragile skin, ruling wisely with his father, going to long trips to hunt for Cocoa, a kind of bean that was sacred in his kingdom… It was said to be good for the skin, and every body loved it. But he felt lonely. That was until he met a beautiful princess. She was from another Kat family, as it was a very common name in those days, and her name was Chunky. (

They fell in love at first sight: Kit was smitten with her beautiful white skin, while Chunky just as stunned by the beautiful dark skin of Kit. Alas, for the poor young sweethearts, that was a long time ago. In those days and age, that kind of relationship was forbidden. In Chunky’s kingdom, Cocoa was equally sacred, but they used only Cocoa butter, discarting the powder, and that was viewed as a sin in Kit’s Kingdom, as they loved the powder as well and felt no part of the sacred bean should be wasted. But Kit was a cool cat, so when he told his father he wanted to marry Chunky, and his father forbade him to do so, he said “Gimme a break! We just have to buy them the powder, it won’t be wasted anymore!” Chunky too, told her family she dearly loved Kit and wanted to spend her life with him, but her father King Krisp Kat. (

told her she would be allowed to see him only one more time: “Break time, anytime”, he said, “and the sooner the better. Then you won’t ever go back to his kingdom.” She agreed only to give Kit a note, telling him to meet her that night, where they met, if he wanted to elope with her. They married that night, in front on a very old Cocoa tree, and made love. Of course, they were ill prepared, and it wasn’t long before both of their parents went after them and caught them. But Chunky was pregnant already, and a while later, she gave life to Kit’s babies. Adorable twins, a black girl, and a white boy. ( &

Her father was absolutely furious, and because she broke his trust, he punished her, by moving in a far far away land. It took time for the news of the children’s birth to reach Kit’s kingdom, so it was too late, when he tried to look for them, the secret of the place where the Krisp went was well hidden, and he never found them. Kit never loved again, and Chunky lived only for her children, refusing to marry as her father whished her to. That was a long time ago. Kit had a brother, who had babies, and the kingdom was less and less close minded, after that, for that brother had been very touched by Kit’s despair, he started to abolish the laws that had destroyed his happiness and really broken him. (

Krisp’s kingdom too, changed slowly, since it had been really shaken King’s Krisp’s departure. As years went by, people started to stop caring about how other people used their Cocoa beans, as long as everyone loved them. And in the far away land, where the sun rose, Chunky’s children tought the ancient laws were stupid, and didn’t care about color at all, so they soon mixed and had children of different colors, and as the people saw how lovely they were, they followed their rulers, which is why Kats families comme in all kinds of colours in that coutry. That didn’t went as fast in Kit’s coutry, but now a trendy travel agency called tokyotreat helps Kat travelers to visit other lands, and people are generally less close-minded, it’s, at last, not a problem anymore (except for some stupid intolerant people, I fear…) Now I’ve been hired by a descendant of Kit’s brother, to find if there where annyone left, in the other branch of the family, for you see, I’m a genealogist. I found that Chunky’s son had many sons himself, and that only his family was daring enough to mix cocoa with sake, so when I saw pictures of some kind or foreign student exchange in a very good news website called, I made some researchs, and I’m pretty sure I’ve found that guy’s long lost family. He looked for them a while ( &, but travels are dangerous for a deli- handsome man alone, nowadays (really women and men alike pursued him, for they said he looked good enough to eat!), so I thought this would be a better and safer way for them to meet. I’ve seen Sake Kat would come with other Kats, but I don’t really mind, I have enough room in my stom- ahem flat, for them all. They may love France, so maybe they’ll stay for a while, but, don’t worry for them, I really don’t mind I’ll take good care of them. They look so tas- hum nice, I’m pretty sure we’ll get along really fine, and of course, the family will be reunited in my bell- uh… place. Yep that’s right. ( So please, help me reunite this family! (”

12. The “Honeymoon Nostalgia” Prize
Matt Kiefer

“We went to Japan on our honeymoon and were amazed at the world of limited edition Kit-Kats out there. We brought a bunch back in our carry-ons, but they’re gone since that was seven years ago. Any time we take our 1.5 hour drive to Chicago, we check our regular spots to see if, by some chance, we will luck out and find some new ones to try. Tl;Dr – to remind us of our honeymoon, and allow us to share something so special with our son.”

13. The “Bribing Professors” Award 
Jesse Albarran

“I need these kit Kats well first of all who doesn’t. Maybe I can use these kit kats to bribe my American professors to pass my finals for me or even bump my grade up. Or maybe I can bribe my boss to finally give me that raise I deserve or paid vacation I need in life. I can also bribe the beautiful girl I have a crush on and to shy to talk to who’s gonna say no to me when I have these kit kats on my side. Hey mom can I buy a yacht. No son well hey mom how does a cheesecake kit kat sound (my mom loves cheesecake) I ment to say yes dear. So please help me by sending these kit kats to my aid so I can bump my grades, get a raise, and finally buy the yacht I always wanted.”

14. The “Cheaper Option” Prize 
Jen Davies

“I have only just realised these exist & I’m currently fighting the urge to a. Hitchhike across two continents then swim b. Gamble my miniscule savings in a bid to buy a plane ticket or c. Randomly propose to the next Japanese businessman I meet in a bid to have him send boxes to me. For the sake of my health, my finances & the random strangers I’ll accost in the streets……. I need these in my life.”

15. The “First Love” Award
Sze Tsz Ho

“Do you believe love at first sight? I do. I truly do. I remembered how I met her last summer. That was a sunny day, she is the only one being left on the shelves. Her package, her color, her gaze attracted me, and I immediately know that is love. In the next few days in Japan, I brought her to many places, I felt like I am not alone anymore, because she was right here with me. I didn’t even think to open her as I hope she is going to stay with me forever. Until one day, I off from work using up all my energy. She asked me to open up her body. She told me love is not only about accompany, but also support. I cried so hard. I didn’t want her to leave. But that is her choice, I respected her decision. That night, I tore one of the package and taste the chocolate bar. It is so rich, it feels like she never leaves me, Finally, I understand her leaving. This is her way to give me support. Thank you for teaching me how to love, Kit Kat. Hoping we can meet again one day.”

16. The “Save the World” Award
Gal Sela

“One day my dog suddenly said “You know I love you, right? And I’m sorry”. I looked at him in this bizarre moment, ignoring the fact that dogs can’t talk because, well, he just did. So I just said “I love you too man. Is everything OK?” “No”, He replied, “It’s not. The truth is, I’m not a dog, but an alien. You see, two years ago an asteroid was spotted on his way to destroy the Earth. I was sent here to assess whether the human race is worth saving, and spent my two years living with you figuring that out. I saw war, hate, racism…I don’t see any reason humans should be saved. So I’m sorry, I really am. You can come with me, you’re a good man, but the rest of human kind hasn’t got much time”. I just sat there on the couch, looking at him. He was always a weird dog but I did love him. There was no time for shock. I realized time was of the essence, so just assumed this whole sci-fi scene that burst into my life is “for real”. My mind kicked into action, knowing that if I find something good, just one thing, then maybe I can save the human race. I knew there must be something like that – something beautiful, something that makes people happy, a human-created object that can bring joy to anyone, alien or human. But what? The dog pulled a watch (though I’m not sure where from. He was a regular dog, and had no pockets….). It was an alien’s watch, and instead of the usual “Tick-Tock” sound most watches made, this one’s was different. I listened carefully, and I heard it. A slow, almost a whisper, sound of “Kit-Kat”. And then it hit me. I need to show him some Kitkats. To show him the human race has created something worth saving. A delicious, mind blowing chocolate snack that its absence from the universe cannot be tolerated. So, this is why I need the Kitkat Collection Box. I need it to save the world. Please hurry. We don’t have much time. Sincerely, Gal”

17. The “Revenge is Sweet” Prize
Gena Shelton

“I have an answer to your question, but I’m not sure I can tell you. How do I know if I can trust you with this answer? What if you’re a serial killer who only goes after people with a love of Japanese Kit Kats? Wait, how do you know I love Kit Kats? Who told you?! Was it Jim? Curse you Jim! You’ve revealed my only weakness! Now they know how much I love Kit Kats! Fine! Now that SOMEONE has revealed my secret I may as well tell you all about it. My love of Kit Kats began when I was but a wee lass…what? You say I don’t have to go back that far? Well ok, I’ll speed it up, but only because you asked nicely. The truth is I love Kit Kats. They’re my favorite candy. One time I was lucky enough to get a few matcha flavored Kit Kats from a friend. I left them on the table at home and when I came back, only the wrappers remained. I called out to the only person who could have committed the crime, my fiancee. He fessed up, but it was too late, the Kit Kats were already gone (although he assured me they were delicious). This is why I need these Kit Kats. For revenge. Sweet, sweet revenge. I want to make him watch as I eat every last one. I want to hear his lament as I describe each and every flavor to him. And when I’ve eaten the very last crispy, chocolately treat, I’m going to look him in the eye and say “Sorry I ate them without you, but if it makes you feel any better, they were delicious.””

18. The “KitKat for Any Situation” Award
Hedda Helle Kalland

“There’s a KitKat flavor for any situation. KitKat Fruits Juice – when you wake up in the morning and realize you forgot to fill the fridge. KitKat Japanese Sake – when you want a drink, but it’s not appropriate. KitKat Beniimo – for the days you try to be healthy, but fail. Potato is a vegetable, so… KitKat Amaou Strawberry – when it’s too hot to eat proper food, so we just eat strawberries instead. Or chocolate with strawberry flavor. KitKat Citrus – when you need something refreshing to keep you awake during a boring meeting or lecture. KitKat Wasabi – when you feel like being crazy and make everyone at the party do KitKat Russian Roulette. KitKat Azuki – when you feel like channeling your inner Japanese grandma. KitKat Cheesecake – for when you realize there is no dessert. KitKat Chili & Passion fruit – for that one friend who has tried everything; they probably haven’t tried this! KitKat I Love Fruits – Anytime, because I always love fruit!”

19. The “Dirty Sheets” Award
Jannet Koh

“I want to recreate the Indecent Proposal scene where they’re rolling in money on the bed but with Kitkats.”

20. The “Rocket Rescue” Award
Sabrina Brogan

“HELP ME PLEASE! My husband is locked in a Kit Kat factory in Japan with no phone and no internet. His only way to contact me to give the code to free him is hidden in one of these Kit Kat bars. He put the code in the bar itself and not on the bag so I need to eat all of them to find the hidden code. He is the love of my life and he has been missing for months already. I have gained 20 pounds eating all the Kit Kat bars I could find, but so far, I have been unsuccessful. Please do not ignore this message. His life depends on you. If you are looking for a reward, I know a Nigerian prince who needs help transferring money to Japan. I can help you and put you in contact with him.”


If you see your name up there, then congratulations! You can expect to hear from TokyoTreat before April 5, so keep an eye on your inbox!

Thank you to everyone who entered, and to TokyoTreat for kindly supplying this mammoth pile of chocolate free of charge. Oh, and don’t be disheartened if you missed out this time round—following the enormous response this contest had, how could we not do something similar again very soon? Stay tuned!