Artist and T-shirt designer Saqman, who, despite his pen-name inadvertently reminding this writer of genitals, actually seems like a pretty wholesome guy, recently put together this spiffy and kind of spookily appropriate-looking mashup of Spirited Away and Alice in Wonderland, and it really works on a level we never really thought about!


Obviously, at a glance, you can tell that the art is done in a Miyazaki style, with the AiW characters making a guest appearance in that universe. And yes, there’s a T-shirt you can buy, but, sigh, please read the rest of my article before you dash off to buy one. And tell ol’ Saqman RocketNews24 sentcha! Maybe he’ll give us a commission.


It never really occurred to us until we saw this T-shirt design, but the world of Miyazaki’s Spirited Away and Disney’s Alice in Wonderland are actually pretty similar. Both of the stories are about two girls getting lost in strange worlds they know nothing about and having to negotiate with the bizarre and often maniacal denizens therein to get back home. They’re both also sort of allegories about the transition from childhood to adulthood as told through the lens of somewhat nonsensical stories. Uh… We think. Go ask your literature teacher.

Anyway, you can now go buy your awesome T-shirt, now that we’ve given you the link.

Source: Artist Database
Photos: Neatoshop, Saqman Facebook page