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With Digimon Adventure tri. representing the first new animation for the franchise since 15 years ago, fans whose passions for the series has continued burning bright for the last decade and a half were no doubt excited by the announcement of the new movie series. But being passionate doesn’t always mesh with being easy-going, and some fans who aren’t enjoying the new art style have taken it upon themselves to redo tri.’s as-yet released visuals in the manner of the original Digimon Adventure. Along the way, they’re also giving more relaxed animation fans an eye-opening lesson in how razor-thin the difference between acceptable and “f***ing disgusting” can be in the eyes of some long-term Digimon fanatics.

Watching cartoons is a more accepted hobby for adults in Japan than in the west, but the primary anime viewing period is still from around 10 to 25 years old. As such, the 15 years between the last installment of Digimon Adventure and the first tri. movie, scheduled for release this November, represents an entire generation of anime’s target market. So no matter how much tri. wants to connect with old fans of the original anime, the project isn’t getting greenlit without also making some concessions to younger anime consumers and their aesthetic tastes.

Still, the new, more grown-up designs for the cast of returning characters in tri. just don’t sit right with some people, and those with the necessary artistic ability are doing something about it by reverting the teens of tri. back to something closer to their old appearances.

▼ Hikari and Takeru in their official tri. versions (left) and fan art revisions (right)

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▼ Jo and Mimi

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▼ Koshiro and Sora

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▼ Yamato and Taichi

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There’s no denying that the official versions have sleepier expressions compared to the bright-eyed energetic fan remakes. That may very well be an intentional change by the Digimon Adventure tri. team, perhaps as an attempt to reflect the characters’ older ages in the new anime. However, more than one online commenter in Japan gave his approval to these fan art versions.

“The fan art ones give more of a sense of their limitless dreams.”
“The new versions all have small irises.”
“The Yamato on the right looks better.”
“It’s driving me nuts how the new Mimi looks like a bitch.”

That last commenter wasn’t the only one with a profane reaction to the official Digimon Adventure tri. art, either. DeviantArt user AmeliePoptart, who isn’t the artist behind the fan redos, posted the following to her page on the art-sharing website.

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Still, not everyone in Japan has steam coming out of their ears about the look of Digimon tri.

“After spending some more time looking at the official designs, they’re starting to look all right.”
“All the fan artist did was make the eyes bigger. I like the official designs better.”
“I’m fine with the official designs. I just want to see the new movie already!”
“The fan redone ones look scary.”
“Yup, professional artwork is really amazing.”
“Come ooooooooon Digimon!”

So while it’s understandable that some fans are resistant to change, others are happy to take what they can get. And should you find yourself in the camp that’s so offended by the new designs that you “wish the new series wasn’t even happening,” all you have to do is not watch, and it’ll almost be like Digimon tri. never existed.

▼ After all, the Escaflowne TV series is still a masterpiece even after the release of the Escaflowne movie, and that had weird character designs and a busted story.

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