If you are unemployed and living in Japan, we may have found a perfect job for you. No experience is necessary, it’s a pretty safe gig and you won’t have to do anything too difficult. You will, however, be a savior, a hero, and a knight in shining armor for one overworked, stressed-out, and understaffed, 7-Eleven store manager in Tokyo.

▼ It looks like a normal enough job posting on the surface…


The store head of the Koto-ku branch of 7-Eleven posted a job listing on the job recruitment website, A-Navi. It was no ordinary listing though; this one came from the heart… the heart of a man hanging on his last thread of sanity.

Apparently this specific branch of the major convenience store chain has had a hard time getting people to work the night shifts, leaving only the boss and one other employee available for the time slot. If this goes on for much longer, the boss-man writes, “It will come down to me having to work 24-hour shifts.”

In his desperation, the store manager wrote a job listing that is so earnest, his desperation is palpable. But at the same time, he puts forth what seems like a pretty good deal for prospective applicants.

“I’m not going to talk-up the job. We only have two people to work the night shift. It’s not impossible, but it’s simply not enough staff.

You’ll have an hourly wage and will be paid regularly. It’s safe. Plus, we don’t have delinquents hanging around at night.

I won’t ask you to do anything hard. If you just stock shelves and do some easy work with customers, that would be enough. Anyone would be helpful. No experience necessary. You don’t even have to like dealing with people.”

▼ This is not the pose of a happy boss.


The manager also appeals to those who have a soft spot for people in need, writing that he’s so stressed out that he dreams of receiving a lot of applications (in those instances that he can cram in some sleep, that is).

Are you willing to help the boss’s dreams come true? This seems like a pretty chill job, if you ask us! If only we weren’t already employed…

In case you actually do want to apply, they are accepting applications until 7am on June 8, and you don’t even have to apply to the night shift position – there are other openings too. So you what do you say? We bet you’d look good in that pink-and-red 7-Eleven jacket!

RocketNews24 reader or not, we sincerely hope that this poor guy gets the position filled and can go back to a not-so-overworked lifestyle. Good luck 7-Eleven guy!

Source/Images: A navi

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