Working out to 600,000 yen (US$5,600) a month, jobs don’t get much sweeter than this.

Japan has the unfortunate custom of ending their fiscal year on 31 March, which means that the new fiscal year begins on 1 April, otherwise known as The Feast of Callach of Armagh. However, you might be surprised to learn that it is also a little known unofficial holiday called April Fool’s Day in which fake news stories are widely distributed.

This makes for an awkward combination of some companies kicking off the new business cycle with giant, bold promotional campaigns, and other companies simply lying about stuff. So, it’s with about 97.8 percent certainty that we announce a daring job offer from convenience store chain 7-Eleven. The job is for a “Dream Seven Sweets Ambassador” and the details are as follows:

One Seven Sweets Ambassador wanted to become a Dream Seven Sweets Ambassador who can make wonderful social media posts for a year.

In layman’s terms “Seven Sweets Ambassadors” are essentially people who register to a 7-Eleven mailing list on their official website and receive coupons, updates, and stuff like that. Once signed-up, you become eligible to get the Dream Seven Sweets Ambassador gig, which entails the following:


Wednesday 11 July, 2018 – Wednesday 10 July, 2019


  • Once a week, post photos and comments promoting the charm of Seven Sweets via the Dream Seven Sweets Ambassador social media accounts
  • Attend monthly meetings about product announcements (time and location are flexible)
  • Cooperate with announcements of new products, including appearances at events and in media related to the Dream Seven Sweets Ambassador project

That’s it – just make a few posts and attend a meeting once a month, and you are officially living the life of a Dream Ambassador. It’s so simple, anyone can do it, but there are some restrictions due to legal and health concerns.


  • Must be over 20 years old as of 1 July 2018
  • Any nationality is okay, but must reside in Japan
  • Must be in good health
  • Cannot have allergies [the food kind, I imagine a little hay fever isn’t a deal-breaker]
  • Must be available during the final selection on 23 June 2018 and the appointment ceremony on 11 July 2018
  • Being the Dream Seven Sweets Ambassador must not conflict with any school or company rules prohibiting activities such as these
  • Cannot be currently engaged in projects with other convenience stores
  • The account used to apply will be used as the “Dream Ambassador” account on social media

So, as long as you live in Japan, your Pac-Man fever has cleared up, and you aren’t currently the CEO of Ministop, you have a shot at making some of 7-Eleven’s sweet dough simply by eating wads of 7-Eleven’s sweet dough.

The salary for the year breaks down to 600,000 yen (US$5,600) per month for the twelve month period. Also, upon successful completion of your duties, there is a 510,000 yen ($4,800) bonus for an uncoincidental grand total of 7,110,000 yen ($67,000)!

To get your hands on this money, the first thing you’ll have to do is register to become a regular Seven Sweets Ambassador. This involves going over to their website (linked below) and filling out the application. Here, you have to register your existing social media accounts, but realizing not having an Instagram account might hurt my chances, I quickly made one and created some quality content to pad it out.

When that’s all done you are presented with a Seven Sweets Ambassador Certificate, and are officially part of the club.

After that, go get something from 7-Eleven, take a tasteful photo of it, and post it to your registered social media accounts using the hashtag #ドリームセブンスイーツアンバサダー (#Dream Seven Sweets Ambassador). I decided to start with some classy introspective shots of their strawberry cream puff, the Ichigomoko.

But that might be a little more cerebral than what they are looking for. So to show my true range I added a jaunty photoshopped image of their matcha snack cakes.

And I can just keep doing this crap from now until 13 May. After that, they will look through everything and compile a shortlist. The results of that will be announced before 18 May. From there, the finalists will be screened and I will finally be named the Dream Seven Sweets Ambassador on 11 July, 2018.

That’s right, the point of this whole article wasn’t to inform you all of the job but to chronicle my own rise from humble SoraNews24 writer to the diplomatic appointment I was destined to fill. But hey, if you want to have fun tasting disappointment along with some 7-Eleven snacks, then treat yourselves and apply too.

To become a regular Seven Sweets Ambassador fill out the application here (Japanese only).

Source: 7-Eleven, Hachima Kiko
Top image: 7-Eleven