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Earth’s mightiest and cuddliest super-deformed heroes are set to assemble in a new smartphone game follow-up to the Disney hit.

In the overcrowded mobile game genre of “trace stuff until it disappears, lights flash, and pretty sounds play” genre, Disney Tsum Tsum has managed to stand out. The secret to the title’s success? It stars cuddly, simplified versions of Mickey, Donald, and many other lovable characters from Uncle Walt’s entertainment conglomerate.

With American comic book giant Marvel now owned by Disney, it was only a matter of time before the brand’s superheroes got the super-deformed Tsum Tsum treatment. Whereas the Tsum Tsum versions of the Disney animated characters made their mobile game and merchandise debuts almost simultaneously, the Marvel Tsum Tsums first made their way to the physical realm earlier this year as adorable plushies.

▼ Although if we’re being brutally honest, Tsum Tsum Spider-Man is sort of looking like a Simpson’s Movie-style Spider Pig.

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But now comes word that a Marvel Tsum Tsum smartphone game is on the way, as a joint effort between Walt Disney Company Japan, NHN PlayArt, and Mixi. While based on the Disney Tsum Tsum game, the Marvel title will incorporate RPG, co-op play, and other elements inspired by Monster Strike, Mixi’s smash-hit mobile game from Street Fighter II creator Yoshiki Okamoto.

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The promotional image for the game (seen at the top of this article) features Avengers Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk, along with Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon. Over on Disney’s Marvel Tsum Tsum brand website, a number of other recognizable heroes can be seen as well, and ostensibly they’re all candidates for inclusion in the game, which is scheduled for release next spring.

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