In Japan, the is no more dominant name in the ready-to-eat pickled ginger game than Iwashita New Ginger. Their stalks of sweet and spicy roots soaked in vinegar and sugar are sure to satisfy those looking for an all-natural snack.

But don’t think for a second that Iwashita is resting on those laurels. They are constantly creating innovative promotional ideas to make people aware of just how satisfying their pickled gingers are. Starting on June 20 they will be opening the Iwashita New Ginger Museum, and to commemorate this opening they’ll be selling the exclusive Iwashita New Ginger penlights pictured above!

Yes, this penlight is carefully sculpted to resemble an Iwashita New Ginger right down to the veiny ridges and texture that’s ruggedly firm yet also soft to the touch. It’s great for medical professionals too! Just imagine coming out of a coma to see one of those shoved in your eye to check for dilation.

It’s the same level of craftsmanship that brought us the Iwashita New Ginger iPhone case a while back.

Then there was also Iwashita’s campaign to photograph random people wearing an Iwashita New Ginger on their heads for a massive collection. All you had to do was shout “Hey! Give me head!” (the Japanese language lacks indefinite articles) when you saw an Iwashita worker, and they’ll slap it right on and take a picture of you.

Still, this penlight promises to be the biggest piece of merchandise yet. Online reaction in Japan has been huge with many coming out and saying:

“That is a splendid ginger.”
“Girthy! Very girthy!”
“That seems to have a double purpose.”
“Ginger is very stimulating.”
“Oh, an X-rated penlight! Thank you very much!”

Actually, there were many who echoed that last commenter and suggested that an innocent Iwashita New Ginger actually resembled something more raunchy. This prompted President Kazunori Iwashita, who had originally announced the penlight, to issue a statement.

“For those who already ordered, don’t worry it will be sent. But…um, we may have to take another look at this design.”

After some time, President Iwashita returned with further statements.

“I spoke to the person in charge of the penlights and they said that it was too late to change the design because production has already begun.”
“And so we will release it in this state. After all, this penlight is the ideal shape of an Iwashita New Ginger, so why shouldn’t we?  If you see something else in these then that’s your own problem. It’s a piece of ginger, people.”

So in the end the Iwashita New Ginger penlight will be released as planned for those eager to wrap their hand around one, or two if you’re really into them. To purchase one you’ll have to head down to the Iwashita New Ginger Museum after it opens in Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture towards the end of this month.

Just remember not to stick it in your mouth! It’s not a real Iwashita New Ginger, silly.

Source: Twitter @shinshoga
iPhone Case Image: Hamee
Ginger Head Image: @ Press News
Original article by PK Sanjun

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