If you’re a resident of Singapore, you’ll definitely want to check out what your neighborhood looks like in moe character form!

Since late 2015, one Singaporean artist by the name of Dixie Koty has been uploading drawings of anthropomorphized places to a Facebook page titled Singapore Area Gijinka. The word gijinka [擬人化] is actually a Japanese term which refers to essentially moe-ified versions of various inanimate objects or concepts. True to her Facebook page’s title, Koty’s artwork involves various “Singapore areas drawn and personified as humans.”

But there’s even more to the pictures, as Koty also provides us with a profile of attributes and personality traits for each of her characters! As an example, let’s take a look at “City Hall,” whose long blue tresses and futuristic get-up makes him look like he could be a long-lost cousin of Hatsune Miku:

In fact, Koty has already illustrated 30 anthropomorphic versions of Singapore’s various towns, districts, neighborhoods, public areas, and even universities as of this writing, and the cast is always expanding. See if you agree with her portrayals of these locations in the following samples of her work!

A special series consists of the “Mystical Six,” which includes the following two characters:

Koty even occasionally draws comics featuring her characters, such as the following strip about “Chinatown” (read right to left):

The entire cast can be viewed here under the “Profiles” album. Before long, Koty can probably produce an entire collectible trading game!

Source/Top image: Facebook/Singapore Area GIjinka