Personified drinks are are singing, dancing and “Making Love” as Cocktail Princes in Japan

If there’s any trend our posts in the past couple of years have shown, it’s that the Japanese can and will personify absolutely anything.

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Chinese artist personifies pictures of cats and dogs into captivating traditional paintings

Have you ever wondered what your pets would look like as humans?

We’re no stranger to personification illustrations since the Japanese enjoy turning all sorts of things from battleships to swords to computer systems and even poop bacteria into human anime forms, but perhaps this is the first time our humble website has seen real animals portrayed as human figures. Check out these beautiful Chinese paintings of personified cats and dogs after the break!

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Kyoto’s newest anime mascot has a stinky name, is worried about garbage, and is a fairy

The Japanese are rather enthusiastic when it comes to recycling. In most Japanese cities, domestic waste has to be separated into a minimum of three categories: combustable “raw” garbage, recyclable plastic and recyclable paper. Some areas have their residents splitting their trash into as many as 10 categories.

Even with that said, there’s probably no place in Japan more outreach than Kyoto when it comes to recycling plastic, as they’ve had a little magical help from a handsome new mascotGomi no Yousei (Fairy of the Garbage). Check out the bizarre recycling enthusiast after the break!

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Mickey and friends in human form are more charming than we had imagined! 【Pics】

Disney and their ever-expanding lineup of charismatic characters continue to capture the hearts of children and adults alike. The biggest hit of the year is Frozen with its double princess lineup, but even though Elsa and Anna are tremendously popular, when we think of Disney, the first image that comes to mind is still that of a certain talking mouse and his chirpy giggle.

That’s right, Mickey Mouse! And his gang of talking animal friends, of course. Although Mickey and friends wear clothes and talk and sing and dance, they are still not quite as human as they sometimes seem. Have you ever imagined what Mickey and Donald would look like as humans? Personally, I haven’t; not until now. Check out these fabulous “humanized” Disney characters drawn by Japanese illustrator Chaico!

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Japanese artists dream up a cartoon version of Apple’s Siri

We’re all familiar with Apple’s module for voice commands, Siri. Available with Apple mobile devices, which are sold in 14 different countries, Siri is well-known around the world. But things start to get interesting when Siri is used in a language other than its original English.

When said in Japanese, Siri turns into Shiri, which is just one letter off from “Oshiri,” the Japanese word for “butt.” With a name like that, you can imagine what asset the illustrators of the Internet chose to accentuate when drawing the personification of Apple’s personal assistant and knowledge navigator. Just be warned, you might be embarrassed to look at some of these images at work.

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Anthropomorphized anime warships game inspired by prewar Japanese tourism poster?!

From countries and camera lenses to burgers and government corporations, Japan has a vibrant moe culture of personifying inanimate objects – in other words, turning them into cute, giant-eyed anime characters. The latest addition is a game populated by beautiful, shapely “warships”, which seems like a very modern idea but may actually have its origins in the prewar era.

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