You may have noticed by now that RocketNews24’s resident wacky mascot reporter Mr. Sato just loves stuffing his face with food – and occasionally other people’s faces, too. In fact, he loves food so much that he’s always looking for new ways to spice up each eating experience. That’s what we love about Mr. Sato, he really knows how to enjoy himself by pushing the boundaries of taste and style!

This time, he had the excellent idea of eating Japanese curry with his hands whilst crouched on a park bench at night…

Since Mr. Sato favours reasonably priced and very yummy curry rice chain CoCo Ichibanya, he decided to head straight on over there when a serious curry craving hit during a late night at the RocketNews24 office.

Mr. Sato visits the shrine of Coco Ichi regularly to pay his respects to the delicious eatery that has blessed his stomach throughout the years. While we were expecting Mr. Sato to make a pig of himself at the restaurant cleaning staff’s expense, we were surprised to find that he instead opted for a takeout katsu curry bento. Perhaps he didn’t want to risk being asked not to return to his favourite curry house after his little “experiment”…

So, where to next, Mr. Sato? Well, obviously, a nearby park, so that he can perch on a bench like a squirrel and devour his deliciously sloppy dinner.

▼ “Dining al fresco just adds to the curry experience!” claims Mr. Sato.

Mr. Sato considered the plastic spoon helpfully provided by the restaurant staff with an air of disdain before flinging it back into the bag. “Spoons are for losers!” he announced to the empty park, “And I also heard that in India, they eat curry with their hands. I’m going to try the authentic Indian curry experience!”

While we tried to explain to Mr. Sato that Japanese curry actually owes a lot more to the British who brought it to Japan than to its original spicy Indian ancestors, our words fell on deaf ears as the curry frenzy had descended upon Mr. Sato and he began scoffing with wild abandon.

▼ “It’s delicious!” bellowed Mr. Sato. “So authentic! It’s as if this curry was made with water from the River Ganges itself!”

▼ If Mr. Sato lived on Sesame Street, he’d be called Curry Monster. And would possibly deep-fry Big Bird for use in one of his curries.

We wouldn’t really recommend eating curry with your bare hands due to the risk of burns, yellow fingers, and nauseated onlookers, but Mr. Sato totally enjoyed scooping up the rice and sauce with his bare paws and thinks everyone should try it at least once.

If you decide to partake in what we have officially dubbed “Finger Curry Served al Sato”, be sure to let us know how it went!

All photos © RocketNews24

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