New range of pouches and bags is designed to soothe.  

Studio Ghibli films know how to soothe our souls, with beautifully animated worlds and characters that we’d love to snuggle up to. Now the studio is bringing its calming qualities to fans in the real world with a new “Waffle” series, featuring pouches and bags made with a waffle material that has a gentle texture designed to soothe.

Totoro from My Neighbour Totoro and Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service are the stars of the show here, with each character appearing on its own pouch and two bags, and there are six items in the entire collection.

▼ Starting with the smallest items in the range, we have the Pouch with Tissue Case, which is priced at 1,430 yen (US$9.12).

The pouches are so named as they have a pocket on the outside to hold a small pack of tissues.

Measuring 11 centimetres (4.3 inches) high and 15 centimetres across, the pouches are designed to hold small items like candies and lip balms.

▼ Waffle Totoro

▼ Waffle Jiji

Sizing up, we have the Tote Bag (2,200 yen), featuring the same “Waffle Totoro” and “Waffle Jiji” design.

Measuring in at 22 by 2o centimetres, the bags are perfect for a quick outdoor stroll or a spot of shopping.

Finally, we have the largest size, the Mini Bag, which is 26 centimetres high, 32 centimetres wide and 15 centimetres deep (measurements exclude the handle).

Like the totes, these bags have inner pockets, but the sturdier design helps to keep things in place in the main body as well.

The waffle material used on the pouches and bags is 100-percent cotton, and soft to the touch. The uneven design gives them an interesting texture you don’t usually get on a lot of products, so they’re bound to get comments wherever you go, and you won’t be able to stop caressing them during your travels!

Source: Donguri Kyowakoku
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