Totoro, Jiji, and No Face are here to provide a cool breeze as you set out on warm-weather adventures of your own.

If you’re an anime fan who’s planning a trip to Japan, it’s pretty much a given that going to Donguri Kyowakoku, the chain of shops stocked with amazing Studio Ghibli merchandise, is something you’ll be doing. And should said trip to Japan happen during the next few months, another thing you’ll definitely be doing is sweating profusely, thanks to the high temperatures and humidity of Japan’s summer months.

So while you’re tossing voice-activated Laputa levistone pendants and moving No Face coin banks into your shopping basket, make sure you leave a little room in your budget for some of these gorgeous Ghibli Japanese-style folding fans to help keep yourself cool.

Four designs are available, starting off with the Cool Breeze Totoro, which features the beloved Studio Ghibli mascot on a deep blue background, with a soot spirit ornament dangling from the base of the fan.

If you’re after a more classically feminine look, or want all three differently colored versions of Totoro together, the Wisteria Totoro has the large gray and medium blue forest spirits on the fan itself, with the micro-sized white one as the ornament.

Summer Smile Kiki’s Delivery Service may not feature the tituar witch herself, but the logo of her (also titular) business is found at the far right. Multiple images of Kiki’s easygoing familiar Jiji appear on a field of sunflowers, with the black cat also taking on the ornament role.

And last, in the Camellia Spirited Away fan, decorated with a soot sprite ornament, it’s No Face who immediately draws the eye, but let your perspective expand a bit and you’ll discover Haku, in his dragon form, streaking across the sky.

Should you worry that carrying these lovingly illustrated fans around in your bag will leave them soiled and bruised, Donguri Kyowaoku also has a cloth fan pouch, although only the Cool Breeze Totoro motif is offered.

▼ Front and back sides shown

The fans measure 21 centimeters (8.3 inches) in radius, and are priced at 2,980 yen (US$28), while the pouch sells for 900 yen. All go on sale later this month at Donguri Kyowakoku branches and the chain’s online shop, and should you still be looking for Ghibli-inspired ways to deal with Japan’s humid summers, the Kiki’s Delivery Service body mist fragrance line would be a good place to start.

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Sources: Japaaan, PR Times
Images: PR Times