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It’s hard to find a more Japanese piece of clothing than the yukata, the lightweight kimono worn in the summer. Over on the other side of the Pacific, there are few more iconic symbols of American fashion than blue jeans. So what happens when you put the two together?

You get the denim yukata.

Not only is the denim yukata an unorthodox garment, it was born from an unlikely partnership. Sure, you’d expect denim clothes from American jeans company Lee, but how exactly did Tsukada Nojo, a chain of izakaya restaurants in Japan, decide to get into the fashion business?

Whatever the impetus, the two companies’ have teamed up to produce the two products seen here, the denim mini yukata and denim samue.

While traditional yukata are available in both men’s and women’s designs, the denim mini yukata is just for ladies.

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Shorter than a normal yukata, the denim mini yukata is also cut for a more fitted look. It’s offered as a 26,000-yen (US$208) set with your choice of a yellow, red, or blue obi (sash).

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Alternatively, you can purchase the yukata alone for 21,500 yen and close it up with a belt, thanks to its modern material.

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For guys, Lee and Tsukada Nojo have created a denim samue, a traditional craftsman’s outfit consisting of a shirt that ties closed along the abdomen and a pair of drawstring pants.

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▼ Front (left) and back (right)

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Both components come together in a bundle for 29,500 yen, but if you’re just after the top or bottom, they can be yours individually for 18,700 yen and 12,800 yen, respectively.

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If you’re after this mix of the Old West and Far East, the denim mini yukata and denim samue can be ordered here.

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