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It’s time for another Super Mega Important Debate, folks! This week we’re talking about Japan’s famous capsule hotels. The question is, are they cool, cheap ‘n’ cheerful places to stay, or is slipping into one like spending the night in a morgue drawer, albeit while being serenaded by an overweight businessman snoring through the night?

So. Capsule hotels. They’re cheap, they’re quirky, they’re super convenient and your stay usually includes a dip in a hot tub and a refreshing shower. But, aren’t they also kind of creepy? After all, the capsules themselves are super tight with their morgue drawer-like dimensions (it’s often impossible to sit up in ‘bed’ without knocking your head), and with the majority of patrons being businessmen who either missed the last train home or are too drunk to find it, capsule hotels can be less than luxurious sometimes.

But where do you stand – or lie – on the issue? Are capsule hotels cool or just too confined and coffin-like for your tastes? Would you stay at one just to tick it off your list, or do you regularly climb into your own little pod after a night on the town? Vote for the option which best describes you and let us know your thoughts on this unusual style of accommodation in the comments section below.


Have a great weekend, all!

Featured image: Rakuten Travel, edited by RocketNews24


Last week, we asked you to share your thoughts on gyouza. But do you prefer them fried or boiled? Here’s what you had to say:

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It’s a landslide victory for yaki-gyouza! Poor ol’ sui-gyouza barely got a look in, with just 11.57% of you opting for the softer, boiled variety. All hail fried gyouza! May your greasy deliciousness someday be our wonderful downfall!