Japanese sento bathhouse creates genius system to show how busy the baths are

Anxious over how many people will be seeing your naked body? This cute and clever system will ease your nerves.

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Man worried girlfriend spending too long in bath goes to check on her, finds something surprising

“Your girlfriend is looking a little hairy lol.”

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You can open a Japanese-style bathhouse for your pets or anime figures with the Bird Sento【Pics】

Miniature Japanese bathing culture right in your home.

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How to have a Japanese rotenburo bath experience without leaving your home【Photos】

Just because you can’t go to a hot spring doesn’t mean you can’t have a sublime soak.

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Lush Japan-exclusive bath bombs from Harajuku store coming to stores worldwide this spring

Bathe with some famous Japanese icons, including sushi, ninjas, and Godzilla.

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Capybara Onsen Challenge 2019: Which giant rodent can bathe the longest?

Furry representatives from five prefectures amaze everyone with their love of hot springs as they compete for this year’s illustrious title.

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New Japanese bath salts smell like outer space if outer space was juicy, fruity and sweet

Ever wanted to bathe in the Milky Way? These new bath salts will have you smelling like stardust in no time!
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Young Japanese women in survey more likely to pee in shower than any other sex/age

Result also show a huge gap in in-shower urination attitudes between men and women for one age set.

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How old is too old for a boy to go into the women’s hot spring bath in Japan?

Child development expert weighs in on the tricky question, offers a solution from Japan’s samurai-era past.

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KFC cooks up fried chicken bath salts in Japan

Now you can soak in the Colonel’s 11 secret herbs and spices.

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How long and how often do Japanese women bathe? Survey investigates

Responses suggest many women don’t have time to bathe every day anymore.

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A surprising number of Japanese kids still bathe with their parents up until high school

As shocking as it may sound to a Westerner’s ears, some Japanese kids continue bathing with their parents up until high school. It turns out, though, that doing so may have a positive impact on their grades.

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Soak yourself in 100% pure hot spring water at home for less than 100 yen!

In the land of earthquakes, typhoons, blistering summers and mountains of snow in the winter, Japan’s plentiful and luxurious hot springs are Mother Nature’s way of letting us know that she doesn’t totally hate us.

But the number of true hot springs – where water naturally comes from the ground rather than being pumped in and then heated – is lower than you might imagine. Many places such as the new “hot spring” being built in Shinjuku have their water shipped in from a real hot spring source.

And now, if you live in the Kanto area, you can ship in your own hot spring water too! Why pay entry into some huge complex when you can soak in your own home bathtub away from the leering eyes of RocketNews24 journalists or tattoo-prudes. Oh, and did we mention it’s ridiculously cheap?

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Japan’s awesome, eco-friendly, old-school water heaters (and how to use them)

Japan may seem like a futuristic wonderland, what with its high-tech toilets and their array of functions that clean your bottom, heat your cheeks, and even provide sound effects to cover the natural ones that accompany your bathroom business. But technology is constantly evolving at a rapid rate, and each new innovation replaces something that used to be cutting-edge.

Case in point; every spring, thousands of young Japanese people leave home and move into their first, low-rent apartment to start school or a new job, and you can expect at least a couple will be shocked when they go to take a shower, discover this giant contraption next to the tub, and have no idea what it does.

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Wacky Japanese bathers are taking their half-body bathing techniques to the next level

There’s a new health trend that has been sweeping through bathtubs across Japan since last fall: half-body bathing. Really, all it consists of is filling your bathtub up half-way with hot water, then only soaking your legs and hips for 20-30 minutes. Apparently, it’s supposed to raise your core temperature more than a normal bath, allowing more stress release, detoxing, and pore opening, plus is said to jumpstart your metabolism and blood circulation.

A lot of people have been taking their half-body baths to the next level by trying crazy new versions of half-body bathing. Others have even been utilizing their free upper-bodies to test out their revving metabolisms. Prepare yourself to see things you never expected to see in a bathtub! 

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“Common habits of Japan’s low earners”: What this survey tells us, and what it doesn’t

A survey out this week asked 200 salarymen – office workers in Japan – about their work and lifestyle habits. The findings have been reported in the Japanese media under headlines such as “The bad habits of low earners” and “People on a low income pee in the bath – but why?!”

But this kind of survey tells us more about the survey creator’s attitude towards low-income citizens, than it does about the employees who answered it.

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Recreate a Japanese ofuro in your own bathtub and support traditional craftsmen with Pocket Onsen

Few countries in the world have embraced bathing to the level that Japan has. Inspired by the many natural hot springs (onsen) found around, designers have continuously developed baths at competing inns (ryokan) and bathhouses (sento) for well over a millennium. The fruits of these labors can still be found today in the incredibly relaxing Japanese tubs often referred to as ofuro.

Iacopo Torrini is an Italian architect who works with Japanese ofuro craftsmen selling these traditional tubs all over the world. However, as you might imagine, buying handcrafted bathtubs internationally can be a pricey ordeal. Knowing this, Torrini feels he has come up with a way to affordably and accurately recreate the ofuro experience in any tub, which he calls Pocket Onsen.

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Why your cat hates baths, but is fascinated by the bathtub

If there’s one thing internet videos have taught us, it’s that cats can be skittish around water. But why do animals that spend seemingly all day grooming themselves freak out when their tail gets a bit wet? And why do some cats seem to be obsessed with the bathtub?

Japanese site My Navi put their investigative hats on and came up with a three-part theory for cats’ apparent love of the shower room, but fear of water. Today, we take a look at their findings, and add a few suggestions of our own!

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Our Japanese reporter checks out a public bath in Budapest

With the winter days getter ever so colder, many Japanese people take refuge in onsen (hot springs) or sento (bath houses). Slipping into a pool of warm water and letting it soak deep into your body is a great way to beat the cold weather.

Even though Japan has thousands of onsen and sento, the experience might get a little tedious after repeated use. So, to take a dip in something totally new, our reporter went to the Szechenyi Thermal Bath in Budapest, Hungary to see how its done on the other side of the world and whether it can compare to Japan’s own incredible offerings.

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Check Out Live Streaming Video of Cute Females Bathing in Public! Right Now!!

Everyone on Earth be they young or old, man or woman, human or animal loves a good sit in a warm place.  That’s the main reason for the hot spring’s popularity in many parts of the world.

However, we caught word of one or more young females who love bathing so much they want to do it publicly on camera for the whole world to see!  You have to hurry though there’s only a short time to see it.

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