While most of us can’t build our very own Midoriyama, there will soon be a place in Japan where we can unleash our inner ninja.

Finally, a climbing frame on which to frolic without the disapproving eyes of children and their parents! Provided you have a head for heights, that is.

Asia’s first giant-sized mountain-top climbing frame, the Muscle Monster, is set to open in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture this March. The Muscle Monster climbing attraction stands over 16 metres tall and, as if that wasn’t terrifying enough, sits atop a mountain. The above artist’s impression shows it hanging perilously over the edge of a cliff, a setup which is sure to test the bladder strength of even the bravest of ninjas.

A six-sided “colosseum” with three stories and an observation platform on top, you can scamper about to your heart’s content. As long as you are over 120 centimetres (45 inches) of height and weigh less than 120 kilograms (264 pounds) (so bad news for the short, heavy-set, or armour-clad).


The attraction boasts 92 types of athletic activities and a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Fortunately for those of us who have never mastered the monkey bars and can’t be trusted to even walk on a flat surface, let alone jump from platform to platform without falling, there are safety ropes. That may detract somewhat from the ninja-ness of the whole thing however.

The Sagamiko resort “Pleasure Forest” in Kanagawa Prefecture, where the Muscle Monster is located, an hour away from Tokyo, is also home to onsen hot springs so after climbing you can eat barbecued food, and then soak in the hot waters before going home, or camping on site. Sadly, for some reason ninja costumes do not seem to be provided at the door.

Source, images: Pleasure Forest