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Regular readers will remember that we recently reported about an exhibit featuring life-size recreations of sets from the most recent Studio Ghibli film, When Marnie Was There. Well, the exhibit has proved to be so popular that they’ve decided to do it all over again, this time in Aichi Prefecture.

But being Ghibli, they can’t just do the exact same exhibit twice. This time, in addition to featuring life-size sets, they’ll also have artwork and props from every single Ghibli film, going back 30 years all the way to Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

The upcoming Studio Ghibli exhibition is actually two exhibits in one: the When Marnie Was There set recreations, and the exhibit showcasing all of the studio’s movies from the beginning to now.

For those unaware, When Marnie Was There is the most recent Studio Ghibli film. Yohei Taneda, the production designer for the project, also worked in making the 3-D replicas of the movie. While there’s no photos available of what the upcoming replicas will look like, here’s a tweet with some pictures from a previous exhibit where the sets were also featured:

▼ (Click on the pictures for the enlarged version.)

▼ Here’s one of only two preview pictures from the official website of the 3-D recreations. This one showing the outside of the house from When Marnie Was There

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▼ …and this one showing the inside.

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The 30-year Ghibli exhibit will be held at Aichi Prefecture’s Moricoro Park, which has been home to “Satsuki and Mei’s House” since 2005, a real-life version of the home featured in My Neighbor Totoro.

▼ It’s so lifelike I almost can smell the susuwatari dust sprites from here.

ghibli expo 5Moricoro Park

Aside from the Totoro house however, there’s not much information on the specifics of what else is going to be shown. There will likely be lots of background paintings, set reproductions, and other artwork spanning each and every Ghibli film, but the website gives scant information:

▼ “Coming soon.” What a tease!

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If you’re already looking for where to click to get tickets, you won’t have to wait long. They will be on sale from July 18 to September 11, and you can order them at most convenience stores, or online through Lawson.

You can also buy tickets at the door, though they will cost you a little bit more. Adults are 800 yen online and 1,000 yen at the door, college/high school students are 500 yen online and 700 at the door, and four-year-olds and up are 300 yen online and 500 yen if bought on the day. Oh, and anyone under the age of four gets in free.

If you want to get lost in the world of Ghibli this fall, then get a ticket to Aichi Prefecture. The exhibition opens September 12, but the Ghibli magic will only be around until November 8. Then, like a magical friend you just made in the woods, it will be… gone.

Source/images: Ghibli Expo
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