Earlier this year, we saw that Chanrio Maker is the easiest way to reimagine yourself as a Sanrio character. Now that the end of the year is approaching, it turns out you can use your own Chanrio to make the cutest New Year’s cards ever!


Chanrio Maker appeared earlier this year as a way for the average person to “Sanrio-ify” themselves. It’s even possible to see your two-dimensional self at Puroland, Sanrio’s theme park, marching in a parade alongside Hello Kitty and friends! Needless to say, nothing could stop of us from taking full advantage of Chanrio Maker, even if it ultimately wasn’t quite as accurate to real life as we might have hoped.

Now, the end of the year is nearing, which means it’s time to start thinking about New Year’s cards, called nengajo in Japan. The custom of sending cards to basically everyone you know is widely practiced in Japan, and it’s common to get postcards from all your friends, family, and even classmates you haven’t seen (or have avoided) for a decade. But this year, thanks to a collaboration between Sanrio and Netto de Nengajo, an Internet-based New Year’s card company, you can order cards bearing the cutest version of yourself!

▼ Cute characters times Hello Kitty equals infinity cuteness!


The service will allow you to use your Chanrio character, which can be updated with limited New Year’s “parts,” with special backgrounds only available for the cards. You’ll also be able to put together up to five characters on one card, perfect for Sanrio-loving families! However, the service won’t start accepting orders until November 24, so you have plenty of time to prepare your Chanrio and get it perfectly adorable. As for pricing, it looks like you can order them for 130 yen (a little more than US$1) per copy, using your computer or smartphone to personalize your cards.

Finally, in case you missed the Chanrio commercials released on YouTube this summer, be sure to give this one a quick view for some design inspiration.

▼ No one loves My Melody as much as this guy.

And if you do order some Chanrio nengajo, don’t forget to send one our way!

Sources: ITMediaNet-nengajo
Images: Net-nengajo