Between turning 40 and a host of confusion of what exactly she is, Hello Kitty has had quite a year. But we have news for the gijinka that’s going to make it a lot worse: Her boyfriend (catfriend? ginjinkafriend?) is out kabe-donning it up with any random stranger that walks by!

That’s right the once-lovable Daniel can now be found at Sanrio’s Puroland assuming the kabe-don position for anyone to waltz over and lock eyes with. This is the kind of betrayal that we doubt Hello Kitty will take in stride. And it’s not like she doesn’t know a crap ton of superpowered badasses!

Puroland is basically Disneyland but with Hello Kitty instead of Mickey Mouse–it even has a host of folks running around in Sanrio character costumes entertaining everyone. It’s not exactly the kind of place you would expect to find bad boys being…well, bad, but it turns out that’s exactly what you’ll find around 3pm every Sunday in November!

That’s when Daniel, Hello Kitty’s boyfriend will provide guests with the kabe-don of their life!

Kabe-don, in case you’ve missed the latest trend sweeping Japan, is when a guy leans over a girl with his hand on the wall–though you can feel free to replace one or both sexes with whatever you prefer. It’s supposed to be uber romantic, though we’re guessing the romance quotient is directly proportional to how recently the kabe-donner has brushed his (or her) teeth.

▼Like this!

However, it looks like Daniel is a bit shy about kabe-don–as he should be! Poor Kitty!–and will only assume the position on Sundays this November. And even on Sundays, you’ll have to find Daniel around 3pm in the park and tell him the special phrase–which will only be announced on Twitter!

For example, the first special phrase was: “チーズケーキを一緒に食べたいな (chiizukeiki wo isshoni tabetai na) I want to eat cheesecake with you,” which, if we’re being honest, sounds like something a serial killer would say in a bad movie. And if you’re planning on stopping by Puroland this Sunday, the secret phrase is: “ツンと立った前髪がカッコイイよ (tsun to tatta maegami ga kakkoii yo) The way your bangs stand up looks really cool.”

▼Here’s one lucky woman basking in the glory!

Of course, a good kabe-don takes skill and patience–or at least we assume that’s why Daniel and this sexy Puroland dancer were practicing their technique! We’re just jealous of that dancer. Aren’t Daniel’s giant, dead, black eyes simply dreamy?!

Of course, not everyone is into Daniel. So, it looks like someone tried it the other way around too, with an average Joe and Kuromi!

▼Just how big is Kuromi’s head??


While we appreciate the effort, it just looks wrong for some reason. Sorry, average Joe, but we think we like it better with Daniel! Just don’t tell Hello Kitty…

Now, who wants to head to Puroland this weekend around 3pm? Just be careful not to let Hello Kitty spot you!

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Image: Twitter (Puroland)