If you’re looking to try a popular type of washoku, or traditional Japanese food, while in Japan, sushi would be at the top of the list for many. If you wanted to try some authentic yoshoku, or Western-style Japanese cuisine, omurice, a parcel of rice wrapped in an omelette skin and topped with tomato sauce, would be one of the firm recommendations.

Now both of these star players have finally come together as part of a brand new menu from popular revolving sushi chain Sushiro. This unique Omurice Sushi is dainty, delicious and it retails for only 108 yen!

Omurice is often cooked at home and is a hit with Japanese chldren. The fried rice filling usually contains chicken and the full portion is enough to fill your belly for lunch or dinner.


While the original dish fully encases the fried rice, at Sushiro the omelette is placed securely on a bed of white sushi rice.


Nakano, our diligent Japanese reporter whose taste buds have experienced everything from delicacies at the nation’s best sushi restaurant all the way to the perils of sushi ice cream, took on the Omurice Sushi taste test. The special order is available for a limited time on Sushiro’s kid’s menu but customers of all ages can give it a try.


Nakano loved the look of the mini omurice but biting into it gave him the biggest surprise of all. The omelette actually had a meat sauce filling. When it oozed out into his mouth, combined with the vinegar flavour of the sushi rice, the result was an amazing taste sensation!


For only 108 yen (US$0.87), this is a steal and our trusty reporter ordered several more servings. If you pass by a Sushiro this summer, be sure to pop in and give it a try!

Normal omurice image: Hibi no Ippitsusen
All other images: ©RocketNews24
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