The Unitrobo Tuna Sushi Fire Engine commands you to play with your food!

Competition amongst Japan’s conveyor belt sushi restaurant chains has always been fierce, but now one of the top chains, Sushiro, has created a robot to join them in the fight for your sushi-loving yen.

Called the Unitrobo Maguro Sushi Fire Engine, with “maguro” meaning “tuna”, the new action toy works like a Transformer, although it requires two separate toys — a plate of tuna sushi and a fire engine — to bring it to life.

▼ And in case you’re wondering how closely the tuna sushi toy resembles the tuna sushi at Sushiro, here’s what the real-life version looks like.

Created in conjunction with top toy manufacturer Bandai, the new product pays close attention to fine details, especially in the realistic portrayal of the Sushiro sushi. Designed by Bandai’s toy design team, close attention was paid to replicating the texture of the tuna’s sinew, the cross section, and the grains of rice so that they not only look realistic on the plate…

▼ …but also serve their function when transformed into the chest and arms of the robot.

Bandai’s Unitrobo series is based around the concept of combining and transforming things around you into a robot using unexpected things and we’ve gotta say, this is likely the first time anyone’s ever thought to combine sushi with a fire engine to create a bipedal robot.

▼ The robot measures 17 centimetres (6.7 inches) in height.

The entire Unitrobo series is pretty crazy, consisting of over ten robots with unusual amalgamations including one called the Apple Lobster, which combines an apple with a lobster.


These toys might look whacky, but they’re certainly no gimmick, as they were awarded an Excellence Award at the Japan Toy Awards in 2022. The way they work is so ingenious that they appeal to a wide range of customers, including kids and adults.

▼ Take a look at the video below to see the Maguro Sushi Fire Engine come to life.

The Maguro Sushi Fire Engine is suitable for ages three years and up, and while it won’t be sold at Sushiro, it will be available at Bandai stockists, department stores, toy retailers and online stores from 5 August, priced at 3,190 yen (US$22.88).

Source, images: @Press
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