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For a country that’s ordinarily very concerned with not doing anything to shock or offend, Japan can be extremely open about its sexual tastes, in ways that manifest as both perfectly healthy and perfectly pervy. Japan is also pretty open and comfortable with its weakness for cute things, as you’ll often see adults of both genders sporting clothing or accessories bearing the image of popular children’s characters.

But what happens when you have both a sexy anime huggy pillow and a cute Disney stuffed animal in your bedroom, and you leave them alone for a while?

Japanese Twitter user Sasano is apparently a fan of Senran Kagura, the video game and anime franchise that’s as much about oversized breasts as it is the ninja girls they’re attached to. In particular, Sasano seems smitten with the character Haruka, a high school senior with both a sadistic streak and a sleepy expression.

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A Haruka huggy pillow isn’t the only piece of cartoon memorabilia Sasano owns, as he’s also got a stuffed Winnie the Pooh. But while Haruka and Pooh take turns keeping Sasano company, apparently when it’s just the two animated characters all by themselves, they focus on easing each other’s loneliness instead, as he learned when he came home one day and walked in on this scene.

“I don’t know if my mom straightened up my room while I was out or something,” Sasano tweeted, “but when I got back, I found the stuffed animal like this. Pooh, you bastard!”

There are a couple of things we can learn from this. First, if you’re old enough to have developed a healthy interest in the naked female form, you’re old enough to start cleaning your own room, or at least being a little more discreet about your fetishes if you still live with your parents.

Second, don’t leave Pooh Bear alone with your anime waifu if you’re not into the idea of an open relationship. That should actually be common sense, when you consider that his two defining characteristics are that he’s always looking for honey and never wears pants.

Source: Wadai no Gazou Wakaru Site
Top image: Twitter/@sasano_y (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert image: Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus official website