When your meal comes with a free side of friendship.

Those who dine out usually fall into one of two categories: those who have no problem enjoying a quiet sit-down meal on their own, and those feel super-awkward without a buddy to join them.

We’re not sure which category Twitter-user @MosamosaPoodle falls into, but either way, he was dining alone at an Indian restaurant this past Thursday. He had ordered his food, a sampling of curry with a salad and a huge, freshly-baked piece of naan bread. What he didn’t order, though, was company for his meal, but the staff for whatever reason felt that @MosamosaPoodle needed a friend with a smile, and brought him the best they could offer.

▼ “Came here alone for curry and the staff brought me this.”

Across from where @MosamosaPoodle was sitting, the staff placed a pillow bearing the image of an older moustached man, likely of Indian heritage, giving a bright smile and a wave. Perhaps even more mysterious than why the staff decided to give him the pillow, is who the smiling gentleman is and why he is printed on a pillow.

@MosamosaPoodle’s followers are just as enraptured and mystified by Pillow Man as we are:

“You must have looked so lonely eating by yourself.”
“Who is that? lol”
“What a nice smile.”
“I wonder what sort of face the staff was making when they came to give you the pillow.”
“I love it.”

We’ve seen plenty of full-body anime character pillows before, and even some of Japanese celebrities, which leads us to believe that perhaps Pillow Man is really someone famous himself. Can any of you readers enlighten us? Even if he isn’t already a celebrity, he’s sure getting his five minutes of fame!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@MosamosaPoodle