After opening in April, a Starbucks location in Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture, has received quite a bit of attention online for its surprisingly beautiful architecture and design. Yes, we’re serious, the hot topic in Japan right now is this Starbucks location!

But, wait, before you scoff, you seriously need to see the place. One of our Japanese reporters headed to Aomori recently and his photos of the coffee shop will definitely make you say, “Wow, that is a beautiful Starbucks location!” for the first time in your life!


First, we should point out that this isn’t any normal Starbucks joint — it’s actually been built inside Kyu Daihachi Shidancho Kansha, what was once an official residence for a division commander. The building was originally built in 1917, though it was dismantled and reassembled in its current location in 1959.


Located next to Hirosaki Park, the Starbucks location and, indeed, the entire area, is overflowing with historicity and there are plenty of “Western-style” buildings that harken back the early days of Japan’s modernization. Put simply, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon, so if you’re sightseeing in Aomori, you might as well stop by!


In addition to the fashionable Starbucks location, it seems that the nearby park is offering a chance to “experience harvesting,” so this could be a good place to take the whole family! Especially if you want your family to hate you.


Obviously, you’re probably not going to want to go all the way to Aomori just to drink some coffee in a fancy Starbucks location. But if you do find yourself in the area and you need some caffeine to wash down all the apples you’ve eaten, this is the place to go.

▼ They even have a wooden sign!



In case you’re not familiar with Hirosaki City, it used to be a “castle town” and has played a major role in the region since Hirosaki Castle was built in the 1600s. Their tourist information website also boasts of “clear seasonal differences” in Aomori, which is probably a fancy way of saying they get a lot of snow in the winter.



The city is also famous for its many historical buildings, which obviously include those in both Japanese and Western styles. If the Starbucks looks this good, just imagine how the rest of the city looks!


▼ “Be genuine” is good advice until you tell someone how their new haircut actually looks.


Aomori in general is known for its beautiful scenery, and Hirosaki is no different. With plenty of greenery and fresh air, we’re starting to think about stepping out to get some coffee…it’s just five hours from downtown Tokyo by train!


If you’re interested in learning more about the northern town, be sure to check out their tourist information website.

Location Information
Hirosaki Koen-mae
Address: 1-1 Kamishiroganecho, Hirosaki, Aomori, 036-8207
Phone number: 0172-39-4051
Business hours: 07:00 ~ 21:00

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