Buy the “Pudding-and-Bag” set and choose three tasty puddings, plus receive a re-usable storage bag to keep them nice and cool.

Starbucks Japan has been hitting it out of the park as always, with a snappy line of geographical tumblers and their new Frappucino flavor “Matcha Smore” already selling out at locations across the country. And as anyone who’s stopped at a Starbucks for a quick bite can tell you, Frappucinos aren’t the only draw at the Japanese chapter of the coffee chain; those food cases are crammed with delicious sandwiches, wraps and desserts just waiting to be sampled!

One popular dessert is the humble Japanese purin, or pudding. While in English pudding can be attributed to a variety of foods, in Japan it’s most closely associated with a crème caramel: yellow, with a brown caramelized top when flipped. Starbucks has now taken that basic dessert and remixed it three ways, with the Coffee & Cream pudding, the Cream Cheese & Lemon pudding and the Custard & Coffee pudding.

▼ Each pudding retails for 320 yen (US$2.88) plus tax.

▼ A glorious close-up of the creamy Custard & Coffee pudding

In the new “Pudding and Bag” offer Starbucks is promoting, you can choose any three of these tempting new flavors and you’ll also get a fancy cooler bag to take them home in. With a stylish design that perfectly recreates the classic Starbucks brown paper bag, it makes a great gift-wrap for a pal with a passion for pudding! Of course, you can always keep the bag for yourself too. It’ll keep your puddings crisp and cool on a summer outing, but you can also use it to house your hot lunches when the temperatures finally begin to drop as well.

The combo will set you back 1,360 yen (US$12.26) plus tax, but better hurry to your nearest store: the offer is only good as long as stocks last! If you miss out, console yourself with the regular, paper Starbucks bag: with enough origami know-how, it makes a very cute wallet.

Source: Starbucks Japan via Entabe
Images: Starbucks Japan