Though spring is only a few months away, Tokyo is still downright cold these days. Of course, if you’re from a colder climate, you probably annoy your friends by running around in shorts asking why they’re shivering, but for many people here, it’s still pretty cold. Whether it’s the sea breeze zipping through the streets or some sort of reverse heat island effect, we’re not sure, but it is enough to make mornings downright brutal.

And people aren’t the only ones cursing the cold–our furry feline friends are none too fond of winter either! But unlike humans, they come with built-in scarves. Check out some of Japan’s cutest cats wrapping themselves up nice and warm with their tails.


Everyone knows that cats love warm spaces–particularly our keyboards. While we might sometime grumble, we can’t deny that we occasionally wish we could just sleep in the sun all day. And while us hairless apes have to go out and buy scarves, our little kitties actually come with scarves built-in.

Usually called “mafurah” (“muffler”) in Japanese, scarves are a great way to keep yourself from losing heat in the winter. But for some weird reason, cats prefer to wrap up their feet…

▼The better for pouncing on humans carrying large boxes!

Regardless of what’s getting wrapped up, there’s no denying that our cats are doubly adorable when they’re trying to stay warm in the winter.

▼Even if they’re just sleeping on the heater!


▼And especially when they offer to warm up our futon.

One of our favorite products in Japan is the “yu-tanpo,” which is basically just a hot water bottle placed in a futon to keep it warm. However, it looks like they serve a secondary function–according to this tweet they can also “recharge” your “hot cat.”


Another beloved Japanese product is the kotatsu, which is a heated table with a blanket. While we prefer to hog blankets for ourselves, the kotatsu can be a great gathering place for a frigid family.

▼Or a hiding place for a cold cat.


Of course, even with all our inventions, we still can’t top the awesomeness that is cats’ built-in scarves–or “shippo mafurah” (tail scarves). Not only are shippo mafurah a great way to keep your wee toes ready for scampering, they are also insanely adorable.

▼”#$!% cute! Turn on the heater!!”


▼The Tail Scarf ™, while supplies last!


▼A demonstration of “temafu,” an abbreviation for “te mafurah” or “paw scarf.”


It looks as if some cats have even realized that scarves belong around the face region. Though, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they’re willing to share with humans yet.


▼You can even wear a scarf while eating…if you’re careful not to spill.

▼Or you can use your tail like a combination pillow-scarf.


▼If you’re really clever you can also use your buddy’s tail scarf…

▼Though sticking your face in a cat’s butt probably isn’t the cleverest way.

▼Altogether, now! One, two, three, “Awwwww!”

▼Head lock!


▼Either the laziest wrestling match ever or the cutest nap.


▼Little cats aren’t the only ones who love a good shippo mafurah.

Of course, as cute as the pictures are, it’s important to remember that your average house cat probably isn’t a big fan of the cold. Try to make sure they stay warm too! But it’s okay if you giggle and/or squeal “kawaiiiiii!” next time you see your cat using its “temafu”–we certainly would!

Sources: Naver Matome
Images: Twitter